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Get back into study mode!

Everyone loves a break, time to relax, recharge the batteries and to forget about time constraints, deadlines and ever increasing to-do lists. But what about when the holiday is over and you have to return to study mode again? We’ve all been there and we know how hard it is to switch back to studying […]

Welcome Gilmore College to our open beauty day

We recently welcomed eighteen teenage girls from Gilmore College to TrainSmart Australia so they could experience first-hand the facilities we have on offer to our Diploma of Beauty students. The visit was arranged in conjunction with the Wirrpanda Foundation which was established ten years ago. The organisation works with Aboriginal students at Gilmore College to […]

School’s out! Rottnest Leavers Event

Hundreds of school-leavers were soaking up their new found freedom at the Rottnest Leavers Event after completing their final exams. We decided to help them celebrate this milestone. With large inflatables in the sea and a fun foam pit for them to frolic in, further education was perhaps not at the forefront of their mind, […]

Why you should set up your own business in a downturn

We all know the economy is flagging, there’s high unemployment and more redundancies. It all sounds like gloom and doom. But wait this article is not going to lead you into a downward spiral of negativity. I am here to tell you that when times are tough there are plenty of benefits to starting a business […]

Get pampered in your lunch hour at Anqelique Q

TrainSmart Australia is proud to announce the opening of a new nail bar and make-up counter at our salon Angelique Q. The hair salon in Hay Street is well established and Misty, Brock and Kate, who are all qualified hairdressers like to give their customers a first class service, but now there’s another reason to […]

Good social skills? Then you’re in demand

There used to be a time when people wanting to work in community services, social services, and mental health were warned off the profession by low pay and long hours. But in recent years there’s been a change and new research has shown that this area of work is rapidly growing with plenty of jobs […]

‘It’s on us’ – Alanah studies for free

Huge congratulations to 21 year-old Alanah Gaunt who was selected as our competition winner and will be studying the Diploma of Beauty Therapy with us next year. One hundred and sixteen people entered our competition in collaboration with Student Edge – the prize – a Diploma of Beauty Therapy. Student Edge is an Australian organisation […]

Hair today – gone tomorrow, Misty’s charity beard shave

Four teachers who agreed to have their beards shaved off by Misty, a hairdresser at TrainSmart Australia’s salon Angelique Q, say they’re delighted with their new clean shaven look. The charity shave-off at Trinity College in Perth was dreamt up by student William Gilbert who is a year 9 pupil. William, 15, went to Nepal […]

Man-scaping and male grooming -what’s it all about?

Maybe it’s the media, possibly Hollywood films but there’s no doubt about it men are taking more care over their appearance and spending more money than ever on male grooming. The number of men’s beauty products increased by more than 70% worldwide between 2012 and 2014 and men’s skin care alone has been a multi-billion […]

The changing face of our workplace

Now most of us who have ever studied history will have heard about the British Industrial Revolution, but do you realise we are now going through another industrial revolution and that our working lives are being shaped by technology and changing dramatically? The Foundation for Young Australians has just released a report which shows how […]

We’ve reached a milestone – the magical 100

We only started offering the Diploma of Beauty in April 2015 but already student enrolment has reached one hundred. I think we deserve to give ourselves a pat on the back. Of those 100 students currently enrolled 66 are studying on campus at our college on Adelaide Terrace in Perth and a further 34 studying […]

Pregnant or just had a baby? Why now could be the best time ever to upskill

So ladies when is the best time to think about retraining or up-skilling? Well in my humble opinion, I think many people start to re-think their career paths, job opportunities, and re-training while they are either pregnant or have toddler aged children. TrainSmart Australia recently exhibited at the Pregnancy, Babies and Children’s Expo in Perth […]

One lifetime – six career changes?

One lifetime – six career changes? Research has shown that the average Australian has as many as six different careers in a lifetime. Yes that’s correct, not six different jobs but six different career paths. That’s a far cry from thirty years ago when people tended to have one job and one career for a […]

Congratulations to Kerry, the winner of our pamper hamper!

22-year-old Kerry Beattie has been named the winner of our luxurious beauty pamper hamper. Kerry’s name was drawn from a raffle organised for the Mundella EveryWoman Expo in June. Kerry is pictured here with the National RTO Manager of TrainSmart Australia Surinder Randhawa and our Senior Careers Advisor Matthew Brock. Kerry came to the Mundella […]

What is the most effective way to boost your career?

We have the answer to the above question. I am going to give you a moment to think about what one thing will help you get more out of your career…….. Still not sure what it is? Well, I will tell you. If you want to get ahead and be more successful in your job, […]

What every woman needs and wants in her life – under one roof

Now we’re officially in winter do you fancy a pick me up during these short days? Well, you need to make room in your calendar for ‘The Mundella Everywoman Expo’ which takes place on the 19/20/21st June at Perth Convention Centre. As Director of Marketing Shelley Tilbrook explains “The Expo is all about what every […]

One in ten people aged over 55 have never used a computer

The latest statistic to emerge about our workforce is that 10% of the over 55’s have never used a computer. A new report suggests older workers are risking redundancy and long-term unemployment because of poor technology skills. The research comes from ‘The Association of Accounting Technicians.’ The professional body claims older workers are more prone […]

TrainSmart Australia, our success story at the Perth Careers Expo

Thank you to all those who visited us at the Perth Careers Expo in May, this annual event is one of the largest of its kind in Australia with 11,803 people visiting over the four days. Three hundred of you expressed an interest in undertaking one of our many varied and different courses. Visitors to […]

Have you got what it takes to be a great leader?

When there’s a downturn in the economy, employers are on the lookout for staff with strong leadership skills. Have you got what it takes to be a leader? A person becomes a skilled leader because they make important decisions over a period of time and it becomes second nature for them to resolve issues. The […]

Why beauty is big business in an economic downturn

Now here’s something that will surprise you, when economic misery takes hold, women spend more on beauty products and beauty treatments. American researchers at four universities have discovered that the more insecure the economy, the more women spend on lipsticks, make-up and therapies. Studies show that on average women earn 19% less than men and […]


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