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Hair today – gone tomorrow, Misty’s charity beard shave

Four teachers who agreed to have their beards shaved off by Misty, a hairdresser at TrainSmart Australia’s salon Angelique Q, say they’re delighted with their new clean shaven look. The charity shave-off at Trinity College in Perth was dreamt up by student William Gilbert who is a year 9 pupil. William, 15, went to Nepal […]

Man-scaping and male grooming -what’s it all about?

Maybe it’s the media, possibly Hollywood films but there’s no doubt about it men are taking more care over their appearance and spending more money than ever on male grooming. The number of men’s beauty products increased by more than 70% worldwide between 2012 and 2014 and men’s skin care alone has been a multi-billion […]

The changing face of our workplace

Now most of us who have ever studied history will have heard about the British Industrial Revolution, but do you realise we are now going through another industrial revolution and that our working lives are being shaped by technology and changing dramatically? The Foundation for Young Australians has just released a report which shows how […]

We’ve reached a milestone – the magical 100

We only started offering the Diploma of Beauty in April 2015 but already student enrolment has reached one hundred. I think we deserve to give ourselves a pat on the back. Of those 100 students currently enrolled 66 are studying on campus at our college on Adelaide Terrace in Perth and a further 34 studying […]


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