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Tracey-Lee goes from wedding organiser to wedding make-overs

Tracey-Lee is extremely creative and keen to learn, she is already organising her home salon. She’s been telling us why this course suits her on so many levels. Here at TrainSmart Australia, we pride ourselves on the positive feedback we receive from our students. Tracey-Lee Thomson “I have always enjoyed putting make-up on my friends […]

Corrol proves you’re never too old to study

Corrol Wood is currently studying a Diploma of Beauty Therapy and a Diploma of Screen and Media (Specialist Make-up) in Perth. Corrol is returning to study in her forties but is enjoying both courses. She was happy to share her story with us and to explain why she’s enjoying the course. Here at TrainSmart Australia, […]

Natalie’s nailed it! Why she loves manicures and make-up

Natalie Kilpatrick is currently studying a Diploma of Beauty Therapy at our campus in Perth. She was happy to share her story with us and to explain why she’s enjoying the course. Here at TrainSmart Australia, personal recommendations and praise speak volumes about the high level of training we offer. If you’d like to be […]

Our new make-up artist is a stroke of genius

TrainSmart Australia is pleased to announce the arrival of award winning creative make-up artist Courtney Hollins. Courtney will be teaching students on our Diploma of Screen and Media (Specialist Make-up) course. Her creations have attracted worldwide attention. We spoke to her to find out what drives her passion for creative make-up. Have you always had […]

Career counselling counts

Are you confused over which career path to take? There are far more choices now than ever before and that’s why we suggest you speak to one of our career counsellors to gather some advice. Our team will happily talk to you about which qualification may be suited to your strengths and talents and what […]

Clinch that job while learning

Potential employers are always impressed by those who are seeking work while studying. Many of the students at TrainSmart Australia have managed to secure jobs while learning. Employers also look favourably on those studying while also working as it demonstrates someone who is well-rounded and who wants to progress within their career.  Remember at the […]

Study Time. Are you a night owl or a morning lark?

It’s a question we are always asking ourselves, when is the best time to study to maximise learning? The answer is that each person is different and from a scientific viewpoint there is no clear winner. There are some people who get more out of studying at night, while others prefer the morning. But here […]

How many job titles exist? To be precise 1,166

Would anyone like to hazard a guess as to how many different job titles there are in Australia?  Well according to the website there are about 1,166 but new ones spring up all the time while some of the more traditional careers are dying because of advances in automation and technology. It’s a tough […]

Which career makes you the happiest?

Want to know who enjoys their job the most? Well, recent research has shown that it is not always those who earn the most who have the most fulfilling, satisfying and happiest jobs. The newspaper Guardian Australia analysed various surveys which were looking at occupations that make people happy. They then did their own survey […]

All change for Gavin

There are around one thousand students studying with TrainSmart Australia & some are so impressed with their learning experiences they come back for more. Gavin Hunter from Clarkson in Perth has recently completed his Diploma of Management & now wants to study the Diploma of Project Management with TrainSmart Australia. Gavin said he was most […]

Our dedication to education

Happy ten year anniversary TrainSmart Australia! We’re celebrating our tenth anniversary and reflecting on what we’ve achieved in a decade. TrainSmart Australia was founded by Surinder Randhawa and Dilip Mehta who are still at the helm today. What started out as just one room with four employees has grown to two campuses on opposite sides […]

Gender job search

We know that men and women are drawn to different career paths but did you know there are some very marked differences in the way men and women conduct their job search? Men utilise social media far more than women in their job hunt, are twice as likely to fabricate references and also are more […]

Baby boom equates to jobs boom

There has never been a better time to study childcare in Australia and pursue a career in this area. The Australian Government is encouraging more mother’s back-to-work by offering childcare rebates. Half of all mothers now return to work by their child’s first birthday, compared with 39% in 1991. The country is also experiencing a […]

Why work experience counts

I was lucky enough to land a job as soon as I completed my course, I literally finished my studies on a Friday and started my first full-time job on Monday. What’s more, I managed to secure this role when there was an economic downturn. It was 1991 and jobs were scarce and hard to […]


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