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How to choose the right course for you

How to choose the right course for you With so many courses and career options available, how do you choose the right course and career for you? By TRAINSMART AUSTRALIA Deciding what to study can be an incredibly overwhelming process. With so many options available for both careers and courses, how can you make a […]

The 100 year old history of distance learning

Whether you call them correspondence courses, distance learning courses, or online learning courses, they’re very much alive and kicking all around the world, including Australia, as more and more people look for greater flexibility and accessibility around their studies. Correspondence courses (before and now) Although many think distance learning courses are a recent phenomenon, they’ve […]

It’s OK to not be OK: How writing can help us heal

There was a time when society deemed emotion to be a bit of a cumbersome, useless, almost inappropriate part of the human experience – but today, societal attitudes towards mental health are changing rapidly. The understanding that emotional expressiveness is a healthy part of life is fast entering into the collective psyche. Mental health is […]


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