Apply for Enrolment Online

1. Enrolments

The enrolment process into any of TrainSmart Australia’s courses is completed by;

  1. Completing the online Apply for Enrolment form
  2. Completing an enrolment interview over the phone with one of our career advisers
  3. Completing the online enrolment form (which will be sent to you after the enrolment interview)

To speed up your application, you can submit scanned/photographed copies of your ID documents and academic records on Step 6. These documents ARE required to finalise your enrolment, but if you are unable to submit them now, you can submit them later. 

If you have misplaced your ID documents and academic records, please visit this Supporting Documents Resources page.

2. Choose a Payment Option

At TrainSmart Australia, we have a wide variety of payment options available! Please review the available payment options by clicking here.

3. Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfers

Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfers are reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis by our Operations Manager. 

To view our Recognition of Prior Learning policy, please click here.