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Why study Beauty Therapy in Perth?

Beauty Therapy courses provide you with the skills and knowledge to make your clients feel good on the inside and outside through various beauty treatments and product recommendations.

The beauty industry is forever changing and growing, which means that throughout your career you can train in further areas or continue with your own personal development in this industry.

Secure employment in Perth and beyond

Future employers are always impressed by those who stay up to date with their latest trends.  Perth offers variations with regards to job prospects for the beauty industry, salons are situated in shopping centres, in the CBD and hotels. 

The Diploma of Beauty Therapy qualification will allow you to secure employment throughout the country. Perth is growing with more shopping centres being built, venues and resorts, so there is a variety of opportunities and experiences for both work prospects and or work experience.

It is recommended to seek work experience during your course and we advise that would-be beauty therapists obtain employment in the retail, health and wellness industries to improve their job prospects.  These could include selling cosmetic products, working in reception at health and wellness centres and gyms and or being employed at make-up counters.

The course allows you to learn in a holistic environment, ensuring that you receive hands on experience from your first week of training.

Opportunity to start your own business

The opportunity to start your own business is also a major prospect- with various venues and locations for rent, especially in the CBD.  The south and further northern regions of Perth are now expanding with various estates; shopping centres and offices being built.

If you are not living in a central location, there are still many job opportunities and self-employment opportunities from home.

Our Diploma of Beauty Therapy in Perth qualification will provide you with the potential to apply for numerous job opportunities throughout Perth and Australia. It’s a highly recognised and established course and is a stepping stone to your career in this industry.

7 steps to becoming a beauty therapist

There are many different areas and courses that specialise in beauty therapy.  Depending on your interests and work avenues this ranges from a Certificate II to a Diploma, with speciality areas of nails, make-up, body, hair removal and massage. 

1.  Do your research with units in your course and qualifications

If you need more information about your qualification,  speak to a trainer or assessor at the training organisation.  Ask for a tour of the premises and an opportunity to talk with the trainer/assessor to find out exactly what the course offers.

2.  Seek and commit to your course

Depending on your area of interest, you are required to have a formal qualification to work in the beauty industry.  You will need to do a combination of practical and theoretical study so make sure you commit to the required learning days and times.

3. Work experience will provide you with clarification 

During or before your course you should seek work experience: observing and assisting where possible in a real work environment will provide you with experience in the industry plus give you a good indication of what a typical working day will look like.

4. Think outside the box

Securing a job or work experience as a receptionist in a cosmetic, hair or beauty salon will provide you with ideal experience and a great learning opportunity.   Experience in retail is also an added bonus as retailing is a big part of the beauty industry.

5. Network

During your course and after your course, it is a good idea to join a beauty association and product development sessions to network in this industry.  Contact distributors of brands and beauty wholesale shops who have regular training days and product sessions with many brands.

6. Talk to your assessor

Your assessor and trainer will have knowledge and experience (and contacts) in the industry and may be able to assist you with your CV and possibly act as a referee for your CV!

7. Look at workshops

There are many workshops that may provide you with a set skill or learning area.  Any extra study, or professional development will add to your training and experience in securing work.


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