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5 Seconds That Will Change Your Life

Mel Robbins was 41 years old, unemployed, on the brink of bankruptcy, constantly fighting with her husband, and slowly but surely becoming dependent on alcohol. Her life was a complete mess and rapidly spiralling out of control. This is her story, about how, in a moment of inspiration, she discovered the secret to beating the […]

How to choose a management course?

Let’s face it, there’s a bewildering array of available courses to choose from. This can sometimes make the task of deciding which course to do and where to do it so daunting, that no decision is made at all. This article shines some light on the murky waters of choosing the right course for you. […]

What is time management and how to improve it?

Many of us want to be more productive within certain time constraints, but it’s not that easy to achieve. Remember, you cannot manage time.  No one ever did, and no one ever will. All you can do is manage yourself and how you go about using your time as it relentlessly passes unchecked. What is […]


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