3 exciting new technologies innovating the beauty industry

A Beauty Therapy course teaches you how to help people look and feel their best. Success in the beauty industry a combo of art and science, and Beauty Therapists are always looking for the products and innovations to offer clients a truly tailored experience.

There are loads of gimmicks and gadgets out there. But if you want to know what’s really revolutionising the beauty industry, here are our top 3 picks:

1.    Tech to “try before you buy”

We all love online shopping. But it’s risky – what if the clothes don’t fit, or the make-up is the wrong shade? Thanks to AR (augmented reality), that’s a worry you can leave behind.

Imagine being able to try on every single shade of Sephora lipstick before buying the one you like. That’s exactly what their Virtual Artist app does, by locating your lips in real time so you can swipe through thousands of shades.

YouTube and L’Oréal are also on the bandwagon, with more beauty brands releasing a virtual product tester every year.

2.    Personalised skincare smarts

Everyone’s skin is different. And it’s not just on the surface: there are so many factors that influence how healthy your skin looks and feels. New technology like Olay Skin Advisor promises to give you a personalised skincare regime. All you need to do is snap a selfie.

Of course, there are loads of ways the technology can be tricked. Bad lighting, makeup smudges, reflections or a poor camera can all add up to an inaccurate skin score. You won’t get the same results as visiting a qualified Beauty Therapist, but you might see this tech play a supporting role in the age of virtual consultations.

3.    E-make-up

If you’ve ever used those Instagram or TikTok filters to give yourself flawless selfie make-up, you know what we’re talking about. They might seem like a gimmick at first, but there are actually a few beauty brands like Rimmel and Perfect Corp translating the trend to real life.

These apps let you take a make-up look from a photo and try it on yourself. How cool is that! It might be a pic from a magazine, a friend with a glam look, or a screenshot of your favourite celeb look. You can share the result online or buy the products you need to make the look in real life.

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These tech innovations are great, but they don’t replace the salon experience.

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