7 Tips To Write A Better Resume

Resume writing is a real skill. In fact there are people who make money from writing other people’s resumes – crazy!

But it makes sense when you realise a CV is the first thing any potential employer looks at. They want to know you’re the right person for the job, which means your resume needs to make an awesome impression.

Here’s how to score your dream job with a CV that stands out:

1.    Get the format down pat

Your CV should include (in this order):

  • Personal statement
  • Professional experience, starting with the most relevant
  • Education history
  • Relevant skills
  • Awards, achievements and interests
  • Contact information
  • References

Resume writing isn’t magic. Keep to a nice tight layout (1-2 pages at most) and ditch the unnecessary detail.

2.    Look for relevant words in the job ad

Employers want to know you’re interested in their job, not just any job. Look for active words about the role or company and work them naturally into your personal statement and experience.

3.    Review good examples

Do you know someone who was recently hired in your field? If not, search online and you’ll soon find a winning resume. Take inspiration from theirs but don’t copy it. For one, that’s lazy. But also, there’s a good chance another applicant is looking at the same CV.

4.    Make it easy to read

Use a font that’s easy to read (even if you think it’s boring) and use bullet points to break up the wall of text. You want to focus on the information, not confuse your new boss with crazy fonts and wild page layouts.

5.    Include contact info

It’s amazing how many people put “contact information available on request” on their CV. Nope! You need to be easy to reach, so put your mobile number and email towards the end.

Quick tip: if you’re still using your old sparkle_prince_4ever@hotmail.com account then it’s time for an update. Make a new email account (Gmail is our recommendation) using your name.

6.    Check, double check, triple check

Spelling and grammar mistakes are resume writing mishaps that are easy to avoid. Run a spellcheck on your computer then read through your CV again. Then give it to someone else to to read and see if they cane spot any errors (did you?).

7.    Make it look snazzy

Capture your reader’s eye with a bright, professional design. There are loads of free template resources online (Canva is our favourite) and in most popular word processors like Word and Google Docs.

Bonus tip: Don’t forget to update your CV every time you change jobs!

So there you have it, our 7 (well, 8) top resume writing tips. Follow our guides and we know your CV will stay at the top of the hiring pile.

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