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Christmas is the time for reflection, to celebrate what we have achieved over the past year, and to look forward to what will come in the new year. Today, Christmas Day, let’s take a look back at the good and bad of 2020 and what we have learned from the year.


Australian Bushfires

The year began with the east coast of our country on fire. The bushfires in Victoria, NSW, and QLD were devastating, and towns are still rebuilding almost a year later. But from that devastation came a true sense of community spirit, with people across the globe reaching out to help with donations of money, and Australians sharing their support to people affected. Australians are a tough bunch and we are proud of the fact we stick together through thick and thin!



Never before have we seen something like COVID-19. When the virus first hit Australian shores in late January, nobody could have predicted what was to come. The second wave was significantly worse than the first, and the country to date has recorded more than 900 deaths from the virus. While Australia has fared quite well compared to the rest of the world, the economic and social impact of the virus will be seen in Australia for years to come. 

Throughout the pandemic though, we can look to the positives, and the main one has been the demonstration of leadership from our politicians. Australians are grateful that our leaders stepped up at a time they were needed, they acted quickly and made tough decisions for the best outcome. Our state and country leaders must be commended, and their example during this time will be remembered in the future.


Social isolation

From the COVID-19 pandemic came phrases we have never used before. Social distancing and social isolation were necessary during the times when the country was locking down. From this has come an interesting development in the way people go about their day to day lives. Now that Australia is “back to normal” so to speak, many businesses are recognising the value of working from home. During weeks of lockdown, adjustments were made to allow employees to carry on their normal duties from home rather than in the office, and productivity remained the same if not better. This may result in a change in the future for offices and normal workdays, with people choosing to work from home permanently.


BLM Protests

While this issue was mainly in the USA, Australians felt the impact too. Black Lives Matter is more than just the title of a protest. It is a timely reminder that racism still exists in society and that something needs to be done about it. And while protests and riots in the USA were certainly out of hand, the message is still strong. Future generations will no doubt look to 2020 as the year of true awareness for the masses, that no longer can we ignore the reality of racism in our society. 

For the most part, 2020 was filled with negativity, tragedy, and hardship, but of course from hardship comes strength. We leave 2020 stronger, more resilient, and hopeful about a better 2021.


TrainSmart wishes everyone a Merry Christmas, and we look forward to welcoming our new and returning students in 2021.


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