Aged Care courses in Perth: Are you eligible for a concession?

Australia’s Aged Care industry is currently facing a two-pronged problem:

  1. Shortage of capable, qualified staff
  2. Challenges imposed by COVID (such as maintaining care standards while keeping a distance)

TrainSmart Australia offers a nationally recognised (and highly respected) Certificate IV in Ageing Support that equips people with the skills and knowledge they need to make a valuable contribution in Aged Care. However, we know the cost of training courses can hold some people back from study.

To help get more people qualified in careers they’re passionate about pursuing, TrainSmart Australia is getting behind the WA Government’s Lower Fees, Local Skills program. Through the program, eligible enrollees can save up to 90% on a course that will fast-track their Aged Care career.

What is Lower Fees, Local Skills?

By cutting the cost of more than 30 in-demand courses, the program (run through Jobs and Skills WA, part of the Department of Training) aims to “build a skilled workforce for WA’s future growth and prosperity”.

The two-year program will “stimulate training in job growth areas and support industry sectors that are important to the diversification of the WA economy,” such as:

  • Ageing Support
  • Education
  • Education
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Science and Technology
  • Defence
  • Disability Care

Some courses are free, while others like a Certificate IV in Ageing Support are capped at affordable limits to make study more affordable.

How does the program apply to Aged Care courses?

As we mentioned above, Aged Care is one of those industries that could benefit from a boost in the ranks of qualified workers, especially considering COVID-related restrictions.

Study a Certificate IV in Ageing Support for under $400

Concession students can study a Certificate IV in Ageing Support with TrainSmart Australia for only $391.20 per year.

The cap applies regardless of how much the course usually costs!

Non-concession students capped at $1,200

Even if you’re not eligible for the $400 cap you can still benefit from a substantial discount on the regular course cost. Ageing Support is capped at $1,320.30 to provide a more accessible pathway for people considering a career change, upskilling, or retraining to follow a passion for people-oriented work.

See the full eligibility criteria on our website.

Apply to study a (deeply discounted) Certificate IV in Ageing Support

Lower Fees, Local Skills is only slated to run until the end of 2021. So, if you’ve been thinking about studying a Certificate IV in Ageing Support – or any of the courses available on concession pricing – now is a great time to get your enrolment application in.

By the end of next year, you could be fully qualified and on your way to one of the most rewarding and respected careers in Australia.

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