Can you train to be a Counsellor online?

There are many ways to become a Counsellor in Australia:

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Some pathways require classroom learning and face-to-face training, while others can be entirely facilitated by distance education. Virtual classrooms and video appointments (inspired by the proliferation of telehealth services) provide an avenue for qualification that is just as effective as in-person learning, with the flexibility to learn from anywhere.

So, the answer to “can I train to be a Counsellor online?” is a resounding yes and here at TrainSmart Australia, we are advocates of online learning.

Why TrainSmart Australia moved our Diploma of Counselling course online

Counselling is a highly interpersonal career. Whether working one-on-one in a clinical setting, in a community centre, as a Case Worker in the community, in a rehabilitation facility or anywhere else a Diploma of Counselling can lead, building relationships is a fundamental part of a Counsellor’s day.

Technology is enabling this relationship cultivation to move online, just like it enabled online learning to become commonplace among innovative training organisations like TrainSmart Australia.

The benefits of studying a Diploma of Counselling online

Online students still get all the benefits of in-person learning:

  • Individual support from highly experienced Trainers
  • Practical skills to provide support
  • Theoretical knowledge of Counselling and mental health
  • Assessing and facilitating individual needs
  • Capability assessments and module-based learning

TrainSmart Australia students also have access to our Purpose Counselling Studio, a state-of-the-art clinic in the heart of Perth. Here you can develop Counselling skills in a simulated environment using videoconferencing equipment.

Also, distance learning provides benefits beyond the convenience to attend lectures from home:

  • Flexible timing so you can work and study for a career change
  • Communication tools enable genuine engagement with Trainers
  • No need to put life (or learning) on hold for COVID-19
  • Review course materials at your own pace
  • Study your way, in a comfortable environment

Same structure, different platform

One of the competencies you learn in a Diploma of Counselling is how to structure treatment for individualised, person-centred support. Structure is an important part of growth.

In this vein, our online courses are offered through a learning management system called Moodle. With Moodle and our IT support team at the ready if you have questions, completing a 12-month Diploma of Counselling Course is more accessible than ever.

Learn more about our Diploma of Counselling on our website, including how it works online and how to enrol.

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