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Certificate training courses in Perth WA

At TrainSmart Australia, we aim to help people find meaningful careers through our high quality training and nationally recognised Certificate and Diploma courses. With 5 faculties, more than 30 courses, and a team of over 45 staff, you can study your course online or on-campus with confidence, knowing TrainSmart Australia's team of expert trainers and student support staff will be with you every step of the way.

To be able to successfully compete in today’s job market, it’s important to be well-equipped with the knowledge and skills you need to meet the changing demands for jobs.

In Western Australia, the State Government (through the Department of Training and Workforce Development) implemented the Jobs and Skills WA initiative to prioritise its investment in training to focus on specific courses that will equip people with the necessary skills to fill jobs that are, or will be, in high demand in WA. As the job market in WA diversifies, these subsidised courses can provide you with the vital boost you need to secure the job you’re looking for – without the need to worry about high costs.

New certificate training courses in Perth 

As an approved training provider under the Jobs and Skills WA initiative, we have just launched 3 new certificate training courses in Perth that fall under the Jobs and Skills WA program:


  • CHC43215 Certificate IV in Alcohol and other Drugs

Gain the in-depth knowledge and skills you need to provide support to those affected by substance abuse and addictions. By helping clients to find better coping strategies and to make the changes they need to improve their lives, you’ll be transforming the lives of individuals, families and communities affected by alcohol and other drugs issues. Find out more.


  • CHC40413 Certificate IV in Youth Work

With social, school, and family pressures, many young people are often vulnerable and susceptible to anti-social behaviour, substance abuse, and suicide. This course will equip you with the specialist skills you need to effectively support the behavioural, social, welfare and developmental needs of young people, helping them to become empowered, confident and independent adults. Find out more.


  • SHB20116 Certificate II in Retail Cosmetics

Are you the go-to person among family and friends for make-up tips? This course will help you take your creative skills in make-up to the next level to become a professional in cosmetics sales. As a make-up expert, you’ll be able to give the right advice to a wide range of clients on which beauty and cosmetic products would suit their individual needs. Find out more.

As well as these 3 new courses, we also offer other certificate training courses focusing on mental health and ageing support that fall under the Jobs and Skills WA program:


  • CHC43315 Certificate IV in Mental Health

Almost half of all Australians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime. This course will equip you with the specialist skills you need to effectively support those affected by mental illness, paving the way for a highly-rewarding career. Find out more.


  • CHC43515 Certificate IV in Mental Health Peer Work

If you’ve experienced a mental health illness first-hand, or have been a carer to someone with mental health issues, this course will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to gain employment in the field of mental health support. Find out more.


  • CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support

Gain the expert knowledge and skills you need to undertake person-centred care and provide support to elderly individuals and groups in a variety of settings, including aged care facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, and community-based organisations. Find out more.

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