Can I study Community Services courses online?

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Demand for community and health service workers in Australia is consistently on the rise.

The Australian Government predicts “very strong” job growth for Welfare Support Workers – including Community Services Workers – over the next 5 years. This reflects the ever-increasing demand for people in our society who can effectively provide a range of support to others, including emotional, mental, financial, health and housing support.

But before you can make a difference in your community as a community services worker, you need to get qualified.

Studying for a Diploma of Community Services online 

In Australia, to work within community services, you generally need to have a Diploma as a minimum, or at least 3 years’ relevant experience, to qualify.

But that doesn’t mean you need to put your life or work on-hold to study. Studying a Diploma of Community Services online means you can continue working and earning an income while studying to become a qualified community services worker.

TrainSmart Australia offers a VET Student Loan-approved CHC51015 Diploma of Community Services that can be studied online and equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to provide guidance and support to individuals and groups with diverse needs and backgrounds within your community.

The course covers essential skills and knowledge and skills including:

  • Establishing counselling relationships
  • Supporting clients in decision-making processes
  • Developing and implementing service programs
  • Recognising and responding to crisis situations

Job prospects for Diploma of Community Services students

Once you’ve successfully completed your Diploma of Community Services, you’ll be qualified to work in a range of roles within your community including:

  • Community development officer
  • Welfare worker
  • Case manager
  • Community educator
  • Support worker
  • Disability support worker
  • Youth worker

According to JobOutlook, you can expect to be paid around $1,084 per week as a community services worker.

Not only will you be helping to turn people’s lives around for the better within your community as a community services worker, but you’ll also enjoy a rewarding career knowing that you’re making a real difference on a daily basis.


Get started and apply now

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