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 A career in Screen and Media might seem like just a dream, but in fact, it’s more achievable than you may think!

It’s part of the expectation for television actors to look glamorous, stylish, and well put together all the time. If there’s any chance a camera may snap their photo, they want to be looking their best. But they don’t wake up like that in the morning. Someone has to create the look for them. Behind every glamorous movie star is a hair and make-up artist who has worked for hours to make them look perfect. And that person could be you!

Want a career that can take you around the world working with exciting people and locations? Here are a few reasons why you might choose a career in screen and media. 


Express your creativity!

A good hair and make-up stylist must have some creativity, and this will be expressed in their work. There is no limit to what can be done with make-up and hairstyles. New styles of wigs and hair extensions are continually being launched into the market, and creative ways of applying and styling make-up are applauded. This is a career where your creativity is celebrated.


Work with interesting people

Let’s face it, we all have a fascination for actors and people who are on television. With a career in screen and media, you can meet and work with a variety of interesting and exciting people. Make your friends jealous and your Instagram more interesting with snaps of you and the people you’re working with!


Be rewarded for your work

Remuneration varies for make-up artists, with highly experienced make-up artists often able to earn more. Your earning potential will generally increase as you develop your skills and build your experience. Generally, you can expect to earn $450 – $2000/day working on high-profile movies, or $90 – $200/hr providing make-up for photoshoots, school balls, weddings, and other events.


Opportunities across the globe

Who doesn’t want a career where you have the potential to travel? Working within the screen and media industry can open doors around the globe. Travel with film crews, or simply move to another country and set yourself up. There’s no limit to where you can go when you have the skills and qualifications in hair and make-up!


Continue to develop your skills

Techniques change with time, and this is one industry that celebrates change. Working in screen and media as a hair and make-up artist will give you many opportunities to experiment, create, and learn.


A make-up artist plays a critical role in the film, television, and theatre industries. If you’d like to be the person responsible for creating that film star look, perhaps the first start is a course in Screen and Media

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Cover Photo: Make-up by TrainSmart Australia student Emily Ward. Photography by Aaron McPolin.

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