Ever dreamed of a career in screen and media?

It’s easier than you think… make it a reality today! 

Do you ever watch zombie apocalypse films and wonder how the film crew manage to make them look so realistic? Have you ever been so captivated by the makeup effects in a movie scene that you had to keep rewinding to watch it again and again?

You might have never considered it, but a career in make-up artistry for film, television and theatre is a very exciting path to embark on.

Aside from the glitz and glamour that comes with being a make-up artist for various productions, it’s also a very smart career choice. With the rise of streaming services and a revived interest in theatre, there’s never been a better time to get involved in screen and media!


Be qualified in screen and media makeup artistry by this time next year

Twelve months… that’s all it takes! Twelve months of face-to-face, hands-on learning in a fun, energetic and hands-on environment just two days a week, followed by guaranteed work experience in the industry upon graduation.

This is what TrainSmart Australia offers in our hugely popular and nationally recognised CUA51015 Diploma of Screen & Media course.

Whether you are looking to pursue a deep-seated passion for make-up artistry, or you are eager to take your makeup skills and qualifications in a fresh new direction, this course provides a wealth of promising opportunities in a highly sought-after field.


What do makeup artists in the screen and media industry do?

From styling wigs and hairpieces, to applying specialist make-up that transforms actors into completely different people; make-up artists work with a wide variety of materials and enjoy the freedom to think outside the box when it comes to bringing characters to life through cosmetics.

A make-up artist might secure work ensuring people look their best for a photoshoot, or they might land a contract on a movie production, transforming actors into the characters they portray – be it battle-scarred pirates, gruesome murder victims or eccentric popstars!

You may find yourself leading a make-up artistry team on a period TV drama, that sees you conducting research on how royalty did their make-up in that time period so that you can make sure you apply accurate make-up to the actors.


It all sounds very exciting, doesn’t it? If you like the idea of a gratifying and sometimes challenging job where no two days are ever the same, a career in screen and media make-up artistry could be just the thing for you.


How do I enrol?

TrainSmart Australia’s next start date for CUA51015 Diploma of Screen & Media is February 2021, and there are no prerequisites to apply – we assess every application on an independent basis.

If you are interested in pursuing an exciting career in screen and media make-up artistry, apply online now. For more information, you can download our course brochure or contact us directly and our friendly team will be happy to assist with your enquiry.

Cover photo: Make-up by TrainSmart Australia student Sophie Berry. Photography by Aaron McPolin.

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