Had enough? Maybe it’s time to change careers

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Are you bored in your current role? Do you dread getting up in the morning wondering how you are going to survive another 8 hours in the office? You’re not alone. For many people, the job they envisaged turns out to be completely different from what they had expected. If you do want to find a role in another area or industry, you need to make that leap and have the courage to break free.


This could well mean that you will have to retrain. Here at TrainSmart Australia, we have a range of accredited courses that will give you the knowledge and information to land you in that new career. Maybe you are creative and want to retrain as a Beauty Therapist or get into the exciting world of Marketing. Whatever you want to do, it’s never too late to think about a different career.


Here we’ve listed the top seven reasons why people want to change careers. If these ring a bell with you, it’s time to seriously think about making that switch and plan your career.

  1. It doesn’t live up to your expectations. For many the career, they envisioned turns out to be a lot less than expected. Perhaps you had an idolized perception of that role, thinking that you could make a grand difference, but ended up doing monotonous soul destroying work. This is common if your role is overrun by paperwork.
  2. Evolving jobs which didn’t exist years ago. Maybe an entire industry didn’t exist when you first started out in the world of work, one which you have become passionate about. Perhaps you have a keen interest in green energy and renewable resources amid concerns about global warming and would like a career in this area and to move on from your current role. 
  3. The 80/20% work rule. If someone were to ask you how happy you are at work? What would your response be? Psychologists claim that for a person to be truly happy at work they need to be satisfied in their role around 80% of the time. You need to be hovering around the 80% mark as research shows a near perfect work life causes, surprisingly, less happiness.
  4. A Job has moved overseas. Has the job you once loved and enjoyed here in Australia, now moved overseas? Perhaps you were a clothes designer and have become demoralized at a number of clothes now being designed and made in foreign countries. Maybe you are in manufacturing only to see your career opportunities shrink as manufacturing shifts overseas.
  5. Changing needs at different times of your life. Does your job no longer fit into your lifestyle? The job you were passionate about when you were 22 might not pay your mortgage when you hit 35, or when children come along, it may be you no longer want to work long, demanding days and get on flights for meetings. It could be that very active strenuous job; such as a gardener doesn’t suit you, now you are older.
  6. Overcoming stress. Maybe the stress levels have grown too high. Perhaps you are being bullied by a colleague or your work environment has a negative impact on your personal life. It could be that you are swamped by too many tasks and feel overwhelmed.
  7. Looking for a new challenge. Do you want a fresh start? Don’t forget the saying ‘A change is as good as a rest’. If you find yourself wishing for the chance to be more creative, more excited or more challenged at work? Then maybe it’s time to take a look around.

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