How the beauty industry is recovering following Covid-19

From disaster comes revival!

2020 will go down in history as the year the world came to a halt.

Like many, beauty and personal care industry is one that has been hard hit. Initial lockdowns and closures meant businesses simply had to close their doors and not service their clients. Thankfully in most parts of Australia, businesses are back in operation; and the beauty industry is rebuilding and adjusting to the new normal.

How the industry has been affected globally

We live in one of the best countries in the world in terms of managing COVID-19, but the rest of the world is still suffering. The beauty industry certainly has not come through the pandemic unscathed, and it may take years to recover.

Particularly in an industry that is focused on personal care, and requiring the need to get close to customers, Covid-19 has been a disaster. Quite simply, operators are not able to work in the same way they did pre-COVID, as there are so many new risks that are faced.

Globally, supply chains have been affected by COVID, which is a real issue for businesses relying on products. Manufacturers are not able to operate as normal, and supplies are dwindling. This unfortunately may lead to price increases as demand becomes higher.

Travel bans and restrictions have affected the industry globally, particularly with regard to beauty tourism.

Trade events – a major part of the marketing for the industry – have essentially been cancelled or postponed for 2020. This leads to participants missing out on income as they are unable to exhibit at events, and miss out of future leads that they may gain via trade events.

With no real answers on when travel bans and operational restrictions will be lifted, the industry needs to look at new ways to promote themselves and serve their customers.

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How the beauty industry is coping in 2020

The reality of the pandemic is that it is not going away anytime soon and businesses need to adjust. In Australia, beauty and personal care businesses are open and serving customers, though procedures and precautions in operations are different than they were a year ago.

The simplest way to protect against Covid-19 is by practising good hygiene. Handwashing with soap has never been so important; hand sanitiser has become a feature in all businesses and extra cleaning with a disinfectant is crucial.

Businesses need to also ensure they follow government guidelines and keep up to chat with advice from the Health Department. Not only will this serve to keep staff safe, but also provide peace of mind for customers who are utilising the services. Studying a Diploma of Beauty Therapy will give you the skills and knowledge to successfully start and manage a Beauty Salon, Skin Clinic or Wellness Spa.

Looking to the future

The beauty industry is already adjusting and looking to a brighter future.

Virtual events are replacing live events, and customers are still connecting via live streams and virtual activity. Collaborations and the sharing of resources is seeing the beauty industry connecting like never before. With stock shortages and stoppages in manufacturing across the globe, the beauty industry in Australia is turning to Australian made products, which is beneficial to the country overall.

Covid-19 vaccines are on the way, and every industry is looking forward to the day the vaccines become reality and life can return to normal.

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