How to be a successful Beauty Therapist: Tips from our Trainers

Every Beauty Therapy student joins our course with the same question: how can I become a successful Beauty Therapist?

Success, of course, looks different for everyone. Some want to travel the world, beauty kit in tow, seeking wonderful experiences. Others dream of owning their own salon here in Perth, where they can treat family and friends (and new friends) to indulgent spa services. And others want to change the face of the beauty industry with daring innovations.

It’s all possible, as our highly experienced Beauty Therapy Trainers can attest to. They’ve done it all, from flourishing overseas careers to sought-after salons in Australia.

So what’s the secret to their success as Beauty Therapists? Well, aside from hard work and a Diploma of Beauty Therapy earned from TrainSmart Australia, it comes down to the three C’s. Communication, confidence and clients.

1.    Communication is key (and so is confidence)

Every client will come to you with a different story. It’s important to learn that story, so you can help them achieve their personal beauty goals.

Focus on building rapport with your clients. Be genuinely interested in what they have to say and you will soon find they are guiding you as much as you are guiding them.

Your goal is for the client to feel comfortable in your skilled hands, so you can work with them on tailored treatments.

2.    Seek out growth opportunities

Like any exciting career, becoming a successful Beauty Therapist means never sitting still. There is always something new to learn, some new skill to master, a specialist qualification you can pursue, or a more experienced Beauty Therapist you can shadow.

Pacing yourself with steady, constant growth will expand your client offering and bring in new business. Plus, it will give you plenty of challenges to keep busy between clients!

3.    Learn what clients like

Once you build a rapport and reach a place where you’re confident enough in your base skills to seek new avenues, it’s time to dig a little deeper with your clients.

What services would they like to see? What are their real goals, the ones beyond skin deep? If you want to know how to be successful as Beauty Therapist, the best thing to do is keep asking for feedback as you go. Be confident in your skills, and learn to love the idea that you can make someone’s day brighter.

Where successful Beauty Therapist’s get their start

All success stories need a strong start. Yours is right here at TrainSmart Australia: our nationally accredited Diploma of Beauty Therapy will put you on the path to success, several steps ahead of the others. As well as our experienced Trainers guiding you, you’ll have the opportunity to work with real clients in a functioning salon during your course.

Here’s to you becoming a successful Beauty Therapist with TrainSmart Australia!

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