How to start your own Beauty Therapy business from home

Everything you need to know to offer beauty services at home!

Around 1 million Australians were already working from home at the start of 2020. The number is probably higher now, including Beauty Therapists providing indulgent and invigorating treatments from home until it’s safe to completely re-open the economy.

There are so many benefits to starting a home-based Beauty Therapy service:

  • Work/life balance
  • More independence
  • Stronger client bonds
  • Earn a reputation for specialist services
  • Only offer treatments you want

Getting started is not as hard as you might think. Here is a quick guide to offering beauty services at home in Australia.

1.    Get qualified

Nearly half (47%) of budding Beauty Therapists study at the Certificate III level, which provides a decent foundation for further study. However, a Diploma of Beauty Therapy – which 30% of students are striving for – offers a more hands-on and comprehensive education.

In our nationally recognised Diploma of Beauty Therapy, you learn how to run a successful Beauty Salon, Wellness Spa or Skin Clinic, plus all the practical skills to offer a wide range of beauty treatments.

2.    Is your home suitable for a Beauty Therapy business?

You might need to make minor adjustments before welcoming clients to your home. At the very least you will want to design your salon space to reflect the high-quality services you offer.

  • Does your home have a separate entrance for clients?
  • Can you allocate an entire room, or is your salon in a living space?
  • Which bathroom will clients use?
  • Is street parking available?
  • How will clients contact you on arrival?

3.    The legal stuff

You will need to fill in a few forms before offering beauty services from home. Like any home-based business, you will need an ABN (or ACN) to be legit, plus a couple of licences and notifications (on top of a Diploma of Beauty Therapy) depending on how you plan to run your business.

You can find information about business licences online with this handy Government tool.

4.    Finding clients

When you go out on your own, you need to build a brand:

  • Create a business name, logo and website
  • Promote yourself online
  • Ask friends and clients to recommend your services
  • Offer promotions to entice new clients
  • Create a treatment ‘menu’
  • Price your services

Thankfully our 12-month Diploma of Beauty Therapy sets you up to run a successful business, as well as teaching the skills and knowledge behind industry-leading beauty treatments.

Running your own Beauty Therapy business is exciting, flexible and fun. And it’s not far away; apply online with TrainSmart Australia to start a Diploma of Beauty Therapy in 2020 and you could be running your own business next year.

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