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Today on the TrainSmart Australia blog, we take a look at a few points to consider – including job opportunities for new Business Administration graduates – and explore the skills necessary to gain employment in this field.


So what is Business Administration?


It’s quite common these days to see the letters ‘BBA’ or ‘MBA’ included in the qualifications section of a person’s CV or LinkedIn profile. But what is business administration (BA) all about?

To put it simply, Business Administration is all about managing and overseeing the day-to-day operational tasks involved in running a business, including: accounting, managing staff, and marketing.

In Australia, business administration roles are in high demand, with the Australian Government predicting strong future growth for roles such as Business Analysts; Management and Organisation Analysts; and Advertising, Public Relations and Sales Managers over the next 5 years (source: joboutlook.gov.au).

As demand for roles in business administration continues to grow in Australia, more and more people are choosing to study for a qualification in business administration – such as an MBA (Master of Business Administration) or BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) – to better compete in the job market and improve their chances at securing a job in this sought-after area.


How can I get started with a career in Business Administration?


The first step towards a career in business administration is to get the right qualification. If you haven’t studied business administration before and have a limited understanding of the business world, getting a Diploma in business administration will help kickstart your career journey.

At TrainSmart Australia, we offer a nationally-recognised BSB50415 Diploma of Business Administration that will give you the knowledge and skills you need to develop your understanding of how businesses work and help ensure that you’re employable in today’s competitive job market.

The course will teach you a wide range of essential business administration skills, such as people management, project management and payroll management, so that you can confidently meet the expectations of any organisation – no matter how large or small.


Study flexibly online


One of the greatest benefits of the course is that it’s offered 100% online, so you can study online at your own pace – anytime, anywhere. That means you can study for your Diploma of Business Administration without having to take time off work or interrupt your personal commitments to study.


Study now, pay later


As a VET Student Loan-approved course, you could also be eligible for a VET Student Loan to help pay for your course fees. With a VET Student Loan, you can apply for the course now and you won’t need to pay anything until your income is above the compulsory repayment threshold.

That means you can spend more time focusing on your studies and furthering your career and less time worrying about finances.


What kind of jobs can I get in business administration?


Once you’ve successfully completed your Diploma of Business Administration, you’ll be qualified to apply for a variety of roles in business administration, including:

  • Administration manager
  • General office manager
  • Office manager
  • Payroll manager

Equipped with your Diploma, you could also pursue further study towards a BBA or MBA to expand your career opportunities even further.


Apply now for our next intake!


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