Is an online mental health course the right choice for me? – A student’s experience

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Run a Google search for “mental health courses online” and you’re bound to find a long list of mental health training providers offering courses that seem to fit the bill.

But there’s perhaps no greater selling point than a positive, first-hand student experience when trying to sift your way through the best mental health courses offered online.


Mental health training providers

When you’re looking to work as a mental health professional, it’s of course important to choose a mental health training provider that offers nationally-recognised training that can equip you with the knowledge and skills you need.

But it’s also important to find a provider that can give you the career guidance and support you need to determine whether a career in mental health is the right choice for you in the first place.

TrainSmart Australia’s career advisors have the industry knowledge and expertise to understand your individual needs and goals, and to provide you with the guidance and support you need to determine whether a career in mental health is indeed the right choice for you.

A Diploma of Mental Health student, Kylie, recently had first-hand experience with one of TrainSmart Australia’s career advisors. With their insights and advice, she was able to make a career choice that saw her embark on an exciting new chapter.


Here, she shares her experience with us:


Kylie’s student experience


To Whom It May Concern,


I am writing to provide positive feedback to one of your Career Advisors, Kerry Chatt.


I recently enrolled in your Diploma of Mental Health course. Kerry { pictured above } was there to answer all of my questions and to provide information that I requested and was one of the main reasons that I decided to start studying again with TrainSmart Australia. (I previously completed my Diploma of Counselling with ACAP.)


Kerry was extremely helpful and professional. And I wanted to ensure that I was able to provide feedback to management about my personal experience with Kerry.


Throughout the initial process of enquiring about courses, right through to enrolment, Kerry was the most friendly, professional and informative career advisor I have ever dealt with.


Kerry was able to provide all the information I needed in response to all of my questions about returning to study. I felt extremely special and well-informed.


As someone who has experience in the customer service industry, I feel Kerry provided the best customer service experience, with her extensive knowledge when answering every question, and her constant communication via email, which has been excellent.


I felt it should be acknowledged that Kerry Chatt has made my start to this new chapter in my life an experience I will not forget.


Kind Regards


Kylie Sullivan

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