Is the role right for you? This suitability test for Health and Community Services roles can help

Australia’s Health and Community Services sector is heading towards a severe under-supply of workers. The shortage of capable, compassionate and confident people is especially obvious in Aged Care, though other allied health services like Counselling and Mental Health are not immune.

Aged Care roles are diverse and multifaceted (just like the people who succeed in the industry) so it isn’t always easy to find the right fit for a job. One organisation helping to make mutually beneficial pairings easier is the Aged Care Services Workforce Hub, who partnered with Care Advantage to create a qualified, validated suitability test for the Health and Community Services sector.

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How suitability testing can help you in a Health and Community Services career

Prove your commitment

Suitability tests for Health and Community Services roles are not mandatory, but they do go a long way to showing a prospective employer you’re serious about the role. People who succeed in Aged Care, Counselling, Youth Work and similar roles are self-starters. They take the initiative and back up intention with action.

Stand out in the CV pile

Attaching a suitability test to your CV is a good way to get the hiring manager’s attention (and make their life easier). The test outcomes give a good overview of your strengths and abilities, which can fast-track the process and get you noticed among eager applicants.

Match your application to the role

Health and Community Services roles often involve lateral movement. That means Program Managers (which you could soon be) are looking for people with a breadth of experience, as well as qualifications from a recognised training organisation like TrainSmart Australia.

How does it work?

First you complete a 15-minute questionnaire to establish your skills and suitability for the role. Then you are sent 2 insightful reports:

  1. Career Trait Profile Report which details your personality in a work environment
  2. Suggested Interview Question Report with questions you can ask at your next job interview

How much does suitability testing for Health and Community Services cost?

This particular assessment is completely free. The intention is to match Aged Care organisations with the best applicants (that’s you) by providing a clear and digestible personality profile, complete with your working style, strengths, unique skills and more.

Aged Care is an exciting and in-demand career. And the best way to get started on your journey to becoming the most suitable applicant for your target role in Health and Community Services is to study with TrainSmart Australia.

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