Life as a Diploma of Screen and Media student

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I’m not a person that was ever really into makeup or hair, so when I decided to study for a Diploma of Screen and Media, my friends and family were stunned – and, honestly, so was I. I’ve always been creative and a little bit artsy, but I never thought I would have chosen a makeup-based course to explore that side of me further.

My journey started with a Facebook ad that caught my eye, promoting a Halloween showcase that some students were putting on in Fremantle. After attending the showcase and talking to some of the amazing students and staff involved, I was in!

Once I got a call from TrainSmart Australia’s Career Advisor, everything happened quite quickly. I started in November 2016 with hairstyling, which was so much fun but daunting as I couldn’t even plait!

As I progressed through the course though, my confidence grew and so did my skills. One of the best parts of the course was learning the ‘era’ makeup and hair. We had to research each era to find out what styles of hair and makeup were iconic to that era, what products they used, and what application techniques and innovations were specific to that era. For each era, we were able to re-create the looks and practice our skills, with selected eras being used for our final assessments [Elizabethan Wig Styling and Coordinate props Assessment as pictured above] Part of being a great Hair and Makeup Artist is knowing the original look, being able to re-create that look, and using that look to create your own “inspired by” look.

One of the most challenging parts of the course was the theory aspect. Since it’s a Diploma-level course, there’s a large theory component. But thanks to the support of trainers and other students, and being able to take the time in class to study, we all helped each other understand what we needed to. The trainers are extremely supportive and take the time to ensure that you understand everything.

The other component I found challenging was collaborating with other students. I’ve always worked well in teams and with other people, so this really confused me at first. Working in collaboration with other creatives can be challenging though, as we all think differently yet we all need to provide input so our work can come together cohesively. Collaborating with other artists is a huge part of the industry, so learning how to work with other creatives, making a design look like it’s cohesive, and understanding the rights of each person contributing to the collaboration are absolutely essential skills. By the end of the Diploma in Screen and Media, I truly understood what’s needed to collaborate in a creative capacity.

Throughout the course, I was able to participate in some great work experiences, such as The Diments – A Rock Opera, which was truly incredible! I got to experience what it was like to be backstage, and we each had our own character that needed makeup, hair and costumes. It’s still one of my favourite experiences ever. Through participating in The Diments, I was able to network, and I’ve made connections in the industry that are still strong today. These connections have helped me find permanent work, as well as some fun creative jobs such as music videos for metal/rock bands.

I really pushed myself to be the best version of myself I could be throughout this course. There were many long hours of study, researching, creating face charts, practice, designing props, and making costumes. I was possibly sleep-deprived most days, but it was all so worth it. Especially as all my hard work paid off and I received ‘Student of the Year’ for my class. I have not only grown as an artist, but also as a person. This is thanks to all the wonderful staff at TrainSmart Australia – including the trainers, admin team and Student Services team – as well as my classmates (some of whom I’ve made life-long friends with), the amazingly talented hair and makeup artists that I was lucky to work with during my work experiences, and all the amazing people I’ve met along the way. Best thing I ever did!

Sinead Kerton

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