My job as a beauty therapist

A Diploma in Beauty Therapy doesn’t just qualify you for an exciting role as a salon trainer, fashion make-up artist or nail technician. It also opens up a wide variety of doors for you, gaining you access to a whole host of opportunities.

While the words “beauty therapist” tend to inspire images of boutique salons and day spas, a career in the beauty industry can take you in numerous directions you might never have imagined.

Here are just a few paths you can take as a qualified beauty therapist:


1.      Self-employed freelancer

First of all, a beauty spa or salon job can be much more flexible than you might think. Rather than securing a job in a beauty salon, you might instead decide to simply “rent a chair” in someone else’s salon, which essentially allows you the freedom to operate as a freelancer, but with access to the resources of a beauty salon. For someone starting out in the industry, this arrangement can be considered the best of both worlds!

Of course, if you can attain the funds required to invest in your own commercial space, you might prefer to open up a salon yourself and run your own beauty therapy business this way.

Another avenue is to opt for the “mobile beauty therapist” path, which sees you travelling to clients’ houses (or wedding venues, etc.) to provide your services. This option has its pros and cons, but its feasibility ultimately depends on your personal circumstances.

Finally, you can choose to work from home. This means having clients come to your house for appointments. Again, depending on your setup, this might be a favourable option.


2.      Fashion industry

Fashion and beauty go hand-in-hand. Wherever there are photoshoots, cat-walk fashion shows and other industry events, there are make-up artists. While professional make-up artistry can be a competitive field, if you can achieve success, it’s a very luxurious and exciting path to pursue.

A career in fashion make-up will see you preparing models for professional photo shoots, collaborating with magazines, styling recognised personalities and occasionally travelling to the world’s most renowned fashion capitals.


3.      Entertainment industry

Despite popular belief, a career in make-up artistry for film, TV and theatre is not overly difficult to achieve. There are countless productions taking place at any given time, and each of these productions requires talented make-up artists among their film crew.

By studying a beauty therapy course, you can immerse yourself in the entertainment industry, and potentially wind up working on large-scale productions that will drastically enhance your portfolio and win you more work.


4.      Travel and tourism industry

People on holiday need beauty services and skin treatments too! A career in beauty therapy opens up opportunities to work on cruise ships, luxurious resorts and prestigious day spas in exotic places.

Aside from the pleasure of globe-trotting, beauty therapy roles in the tourism sector tend to offer stability and job security, with no shortage of full-time contracts available.


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