Perth Hair and Makeup Artist Awards

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Being entrusted with the task of being a judge at the PHMUAA 2018 was not one I took lightly. I have been a makeup artist for 12 years and a makeup trainer for over 5 years in the industry. Teaching Diploma of Screen and Media and seeing my students go on the do great things in the makeup world gives me great joy in knowing I had a hand in driving the passion or teaching the foundation skills of lots of aspects of makeup artistry.

The Perth Hair and Makeup Artist Awards is a ground breaking event that highlights the amazing talent of Perth’s Hair Stylists, Makeup Artists and Body Painters. Visually stunning events like this are commonplace in fashion meccas like Milan, Paris and London… the PHMUA Awards, however, is the only one of its kind in Western Australia. In its third year, the 2018 event is becoming greater each year with more categories and entrants.

The event celebrates the exquisite creativity and skill of Perth Artists who create their looks on beautiful runway models, inspired by garments supplied by talented Perth Fashion Designers and Fashion Design Students.
In addition to this, there are live demonstrations, expert presenters, and an exhibition of Perth’s local boutique beauty businesses, hand-picked for their unique and innovative products and services.

This year the hosts were Perth’s Mack Reid, Channel Ten’s The Bachelorette contestant who vied for Sophie Monk’s heart on the 2017 reality show, along with the hilarious Hans Bruechle – who is an amazing street artist (featured in STM’s Hot 100), media talent and the PHMUAA resident Graphic Artist.

Winners from the 2016 and 2017 Avant Garde category – International Hairdresser Fabien Maillot and Makeup Artist Sandy Tau, presented an extravagant European inspired Hair Show along with the TrainSmart students and Trainer Priscilla Walton – the likes of which Perth has never seen before.

Live demonstrations included the incredible body painting again this year with expert presentations and demonstrations on the main stage from international artists. Plus, a walk through Gallery, where you could see the amazing work of the contestants and live runways featuring the Glamour Bridal looks and Avant Garde creations.

The hustle and bustle happening back stage was shielded from the audience by large thick black curtains. Behind those curtains there was so much going on, hair and makeup touch ups before judging, models getting into garments, photographer taking professional shots and the TrainSmart students working hard in all aspects of the show.

I found my judges table next to all the exhibitors and set up my signage. It was then time to find my fellow judges and consult on the first of 5 Categories I was judging – Macro Lip Art.

Macro Lip art is a new popular trend amongst artists whereby artists use their imagination and creativity to capture a concept of their choosing. They apply Jewels, feathers and paint to the model’s lips and photograph it with a Macro lens to show the detail. This was a prejudged entry with large printed images on display in the main hall for the patrons to admire. We wrote down our scores and agreed on a winner and runner up and went backstage to place the envelope with the respective prizes.

The first of the live categories were coming up and we were very excited to watch the runway then head backstage to judge the Arabian Makeup looks. At the end of the runway were reserved seating for the judges. We took up our spots and excitedly awaited the start of the show. The lights were going and the music pumping. The host introduced the category and the crowd clapped. Watching the models showcase the looks in front of us allowed us to see the makeup in the stage lighting and how it performs during movement. Once the final model walked the runway, myself and the 2 other judges went back stage, lined up the models and one by one went down the line with our note pads and pen, we asked the models name and wrote down the names we liked the most. The three of us judges then met outside to discuss and narrow down our top 5 to top 2. We were all in agreement and placed the envelope in with the respective prizes.

As a trainer I find it difficult when no one is able to direct or take charge of a situation, so as a natural born leader, I found myself to be the organiser of the judges. My main reason for wanting to judge was to give honest fair feedback to the hard-working contestants who plan, prepare and organise themselves for weeks if not months before hand. Without these hair and makeup artists there would be no awards so the lack of order back stage got to me a bit but in true Shannon form , as you can see in the candid photos taken by my fellow trainer Priscilla, I wrangled all the judges and ended up judging in 5/7 categories, getting the judges to narrow down and agree and finally picking a winner.

The other categories I judged were – Runway Avant Garde, Glamour Bridal, Creative Hair and Makeup photographic. The remaining ones I didn’t were – Body paint and Student Photographic.

It was a joy to see past TrainSmart students compete against each other as well as former TrainSmart employee and NYX Face Awards winner Courtney Hollins taking home the trophy for Runway Avant Garde.

It was a lot of work but worthwhile to ensure the contestants got a fair go at being judged on their hard work. I have offered individual feedback to any artist that wanted to contact me to utilise the feedback for their own personal development.

Learning is everything, I look forward to next year.

Shannon Murphy

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