School’s Out!

What now?

Across the country, many students are closing the doors on their high school education and opening the next door to their future career.

While it’s easy to think “I’ve just finished high school and need a break from studying”, it’s important to recognise the value of further education, and the importance it has for your career opportunities.

Traditionally, students would finish high school and take one of three pathways: University, TAFE, or Employment. These days, the options are more diverse; and you can even study and work at the same time with short courses.

Employment and practical experience will only get you so far. Having qualifications from a reputable educational institute will open so many more doors for you in the future.

If you’re thinking “Hooray, school is finished…but what do I do now?”- the answer could be in further education.


Short courses

Furthering your education does not necessarily mean having to commit to years of study. TrainSmart offers short courses that may take from six months to a year to complete. Courses are available in a variety of industries and can lead to different careers.

The campus offers state-of-the-art qualifications with cutting edge technology, so you can be assured that the education and qualifications you receive will impress employers now and in the future.

Work and study

If you have chosen to go straight into the workplace, there are still options for you to study. Courses are offered part-time or online, so you can still achieve qualifications while earning an income. If you have employment in your chosen field, TrainSmart courses can equip you with extra skills that will benefit the work you are doing, making you more valuable as an employee, and giving you many more options for future career moves.


Set yourself up

Always imagined yourself as a business owner? Get the skills with a Business Management course, and make your dream a reality!

Train Smart has a stellar reputation and a strong commitment to helping students get their foot in the door of their chosen industry. Some industries you can study to work in include make-up, beauty therapy, allied health, business and management, and IT.

Set yourself on the right path with further education. Visit our website for more information.

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