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Youth workers make a real and long-lasting difference

If there is one group within society that needs all the help they can get it’s our youth.

Teenagers and young people today are facing struggles and issues that generations before them couldn’t even dream about. The pressures they feel are overwhelming, and it is easy to get lost without the right support. Youth Workers are particularly worried about children during COVID-19.

Youth Workers are invaluable in the community. They carry out a variety of work, helping young people in the community to find their way and become the best versions of themselves.


If you have a caring nature and want to make a difference, have you considered a career as a youth worker?


What does a youth worker do?

A youth worker helps young people develop the skills to make positive changes in their lives. Often a youth worker will deal with a person that is facing a particular set of problems and will guide them through it to help get them back on track. This may include assisting with finding accommodation, guiding them into education or training, helping them find employment, or providing them with counselling. A youth worker may also perform outreach work, run a community education and recreation program, or advocate for young people on issues such as health.


What makes a great youth worker?

It does take a special type of person to be a youth worker. You need patience and resilience, you need to truly care about what you do, and be willing to put in the time. A great youth worker will be able to build rapport with young people, and demonstrate sincerity in what they do. They need to have a positive attitude, recognise the potential in every person, and see that the youth in our community are the future. A great youth worker must be able to be objective and understanding toward young people and be willing to learn continuously and adapt to change.


What organisations can a youth worker be employed in?

Youth workers work in a variety of organisations, including:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Corrective institutions
  • Youth refuges
  • Community centres
  • Drug and alcohol centres
  • Within youth organisations such as Scouts, Guides, YWCA, YMCA 

Youth work is varied and you may spend your time visiting young people at a variety of locations. There is also a lot of administration with youth work such as writing reports and applications for funding and organising activities. 


How to get started

Because youth work is so varied, you will need recognised training. TrainSmart offers a Diploma of Youth Work, which is designed to give you the skills and knowledge to begin your career as a youth worker.

For more information, visit the TrainSmart website.

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