Summer: the busiest time of the year for the beauty industry

How to handle the pressure. 

Helping people feel their best can be one of the most rewarding parts of working in the beauty industry. That sense of pride when your clients look in the mirror and smile when they see their new style!


Working in a salon or spa can be a wonderfully rewarding experience – but at times it might become challenging or stressful.

As we head toward the Festive season and summertime, those working in the beauty and personal care industries are gearing themselves up for the busiest time of the year; and need to consider how to deal with the extra pressure.

Social events mean regular customers are requiring extra treatments; and new customers are getting treatments done so they look and feel their best for the Festive Season. You don’t want to turn customers away, so how do you deal with the extra demand?


Get a helping hand

Depending on your staffing requirements, perhaps you can look at hiring casuals to work through the busy period. Even if they are not trained for beauty treatments, an extra staff member to handle inquiries, book appointments, and even just make coffee when you are flat out busy can help.


Adjust your opening hours

During these busy months, it might be easier to fit people in if you can offer evening or night time appointments, even if it’s just on one day each week. Your clients will appreciate the flexibility and extra business means extra revenue.


Stock up on essentials

With the increase in treatments, it is important to not run out of the essentials. The last thing you need is to be ordering supplies during this busy time. Plan ahead and stock up!


Look after yourself – and your staff

Keeping up with demand will take its toll on you physically, emotionally, and mentally, so it’s important to take breaks and look out for yourself. Make sure you get enough rest and breaks for lunch, drink plenty of water throughout the day so you’re able to cope with more demands, and get some exercise – even if it’s just a walk. 


As the weather heats up you will start to welcome more customers into your business, and the experience they have at your salon now will impact whether they use you again in the future. Taking measures to ensure you and your staff can handle the pressures of the busy Festive season is important to the future of your business.


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