The Increased Popularity of Laser Treatments: 3 Things to Know

The beauty industry is buzzing about laser therapy. Beauty clinics are becoming the go-to for aesthetic laser treatments, which means more and more specialist laser clinics are popping up around the country.

Ok, so you might have heard about laser – but how much do you know about the treatments available? Well, let’s start with the basics.

1.    What is laser therapy?

Laser therapy covers a broad range of dermal treatments (dermal meaning skin) performed by qualified Beauty Therapists. Laser is fairly new on the beauty bar menu, but already demand is taking off. You’ll find a few specialist cosmetic clinics in every major city now.

What treatments are available?

There are loads of dermal laser therapies available:

  • Hair removal and reduction
  • Tattoo removal
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Pigment treatment
  • Acne and scarring reduction
  • Vascular treatments

Of course, you probably won’t find tattoo removal in the same clinic as laser hair removal. But that just shows how many diverse career paths are available in the dermal therapy industry.

2.    What are my career options?

Do you love the idea of helping women (and men) look and feel incredible with specialist beauty treatments? Or are you interested in the beauty biz, but not sure what that means for a career?

Either way, we’ve got great news for you. Beauty Therapy is an industry on the rise. Here are just some of the places a passion for beauty can take you:

  • Hair removal specialist in a beauty clinic
  • Laser tattoo removal technician
  • Pigmentation expert
  • Scar treatment specialist
  • Skin rejuvenation specialist

And the best part is, you can choose to specialise or make laser therapy just one part of your Beauty Therapy toolkit. With the right training and mentoring from industry experts, you can even work towards owning your own salon. How exciting is that!

3.    How can I get started in the industry?

Laser therapists most often start out as qualified Beauty Therapists before specialising with the new tech. By studying Beauty Therapy you learn about holistic skin treatments and the science behind the service. That means when you step into your first beauty salon, laser clinic or tattoo removal clinic you’ll be giving clients personalised, expert advice.

Join our Diploma of Beauty Therapy to learn all about the science and art of becoming a Beauty Therapist. Our highly experienced Trainers will introduce you to the incredible world of beauty – everything from skin science to laser therapy, and even what you need to run your own business.

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