The Rising Acceptance of Mental Health in Australian Society

Our parents’ generation didn’t have a lot of access to support services: hardly anyone was talking about depression, and mental health jobs were pretty much only found in psychiatric hospitals.

Go back 30 years and spending on mental health services was around ¼ what it is today.

In 2020 the Health and Community Services sector has loads of services, events like R U OK? Day, Movember and International Day of Happiness are hugely popular, and talking about mental health isn’t taboo (which is especially important during the current Coronavirus crisis). It’s good to see the balance shifting.

So what does it mean for you, as you soul-search for a fulfilling career?

Mental health jobs on the rise in Health and Community Services

Our generation has access to a lot of services, but more importantly we’re comfortable talking about mental health in the same way as physical health.

As a society we’re openly addressing our current mental illness crisis. We’ve still got work to do when it comes to minority groups though – and that’s one area you can really make a difference in your career.

Speaking of careers, let’s check the numbers around mental health jobs today. Here are the highlights:

There’s clearly a lot of buzz around mental illness in the health sector. And it’s only becoming more prevalent, as events like the current pandemic spark conversations about social isolation and depression.

What next for mental health jobs in Australia?

The Health and Community Services sector needs passionate people to move the conversation forward. Mental health specialists, counsellors, youth workers and social workers are only going to become more important in the coming years.

COVID-19 is going to put a lot of strain on families, both mentally and financially. Mental illness is expected to become a bigger issue in the mainstream and we’re going to need bold, committed people to lead and counsel affected Australians.

If mental health is an area you’re passionate about, now is the time to start thinking about taking the first steps towards your career. For starters, there are a range of Health and Community Services courses available at TrainSmart Australia that open a pathway to mental health jobs, including a Diploma of Mental Health.

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