Top 5 YouTube Make-up Artists

We’ve all been there: you open YouTube to find a smoky eye tutorial, then it’s 4 hours later and you’re watching Beyoncé’s make-up artist do NikkieTutorials’ make-up and trying to soak in all the secrets.

YouTube has so much good content for budding make-up artists. Beauty YouTubers (also called beauty vloggers or beautubers) racked up an incredible 170 billion views in 2018.

Good news though! You don’t need to spend hours digging through YouTube to find the best beauty vloggers.

Presenting, the top 5 beautubers (as voted by us and in no particular order):

1.    NikkieTutorials

Nikkie de Jager is counted among beauty vlogger royalty after her inspiring 2015 video “The Power Of Makeup” went viral in 2015.

She’s since built The Power Of into a series featuring the likes of Kim Kardashian-West, while cultivating over 13 million subscribers and 1.3 billion views. Nikkie’s videos cover everything from everyday beauty tips to special effects make-up and celebrity looks.


Photo Credit: ANP Kippa

2.    Chloe Morello

Australia’s own Chloe Morello is as cheeky as she is talented. She’s a down-to-earth beauty vlogger who pokes fun at herself in her videos while crafting gorgeous looks and reviewing the latest and greatest products.

And she’s got the following to prove her talent. Nearly 300 million views, with a big fanbase in the Middle East inspiring her favourite looks. Not bad for a girl from the NSW south coast!

Chloe Morello

Photo Credit: Chloe Morello

3.    Jeffreestar

This list simply wouldn’t be complete without beauty veteran Jeffree Star, whose achievements include:

  • Highest earning beauty vlogger in the business (nearly $30 million according to Forbes)
  • Launching his own cosmetics line
  • Nearly 18 million subscribers
  • More than 2.2 billion views
  • DJ, Instagrammer, singer-songwriter and model

Jeffree star

Photo Credit: Jeffree Star

4.    Wayne Goss

With 15 years in the make-up business and a raw, honest approach, Wayne Goss shows just where a make-up course can take you. He started out self-taught then furthered his studies in London and later trained professionally as a make-up artist.

On top of his snowballing YouTube success, Wayne is still a freelance make-up artist and has his own line of brushes.

Wayne Goss

Photo Credit: Wayne Goss

5.    Tati

Tati Westbrook is “totally addicted to make-up” (same, right?) but she certainly isn’t shy about posting honest reviews. And her ~10 million subscribers are here for it. Tati is a beauty guru known for dipping into the cheaper lines you’d find at Kmart or the chemist, and sharing her bargain finds in videos viewed more than 1.4 billion times.

Tati Westbrook

Photo Credit: Tati Westbrook

Special mentions:

  • Pinkstylist for special effects make-up
  • Freakmo – A friend of ours here at TrainSmart, Kiana is a great resource for professional special effects and prosthetics
  • Yuya, who takes top spot with 24 million subscribers (but you’ll need to speak Spanish to follow along)

Being a YouTube star takes serious work. It’s a full time job, and it takes years to build a loyal following.

The best way to get a head start? Learn from the pros. Watch all the YouTube tutorials you can, and study a Diploma of Screen and Media. You’ll get real industry insight, practice with all the best products, and learn from seasoned pros.

In no time you’ll be taking your passion for make-up to the big time, whether that’s YouTube, Broadway, or Hollywood.

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