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15 Winter Beauty + Skincare Tips from Perth's Best Makeup and Beauty Therapy Trainers

Learn winter beauty tips from Perth’s best makeup artists and beauty therapists.



Winter is well and truly here. The air is cold, the ground is wet, and – if you’re anything like the rest of us, your skin is not as happy as it usually is.

We asked TrainSmart Australia’s specialist beauty therapy and makeup course trainers to share their top beauty tips for keeping your skin supple and fresh during the colder winter months.

Shannon Murphy - Certificate II in Retail Cosmetics (Trainer)

Winter skincare tip #1: Stay hydrated!

Shannon says:

1. In winter, it is important to hydrate hydrate hydrate because winter can be very drying and harsh on your skin.

2. I like to swap out lipstick for tinted lip oils such as Inglot High Gloss Lip Oil or Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort oil.

3. Changing your skincare and makeup products in winter means you can get more of the benefits from the ingredients as your skin can get used to the same products over a period of time and they become less effective.

4. My favourite products to use in winter are dewy foundations such as MAC Pro longwear with lighter powders for a dewy look or Inglot AMC foundation just setting the t-zone with powder.

5. In our makeup classes we teach students about the importance of skin prep, cleansing , moisturising and using the correct primer for their skin type. This ensures a smooth even long lasting base.

Alistair Arkwright - Diploma of Screen and Media (Trainer)

Winter beauty tip #2: Dry Air = Dry Skin.

Alistair says:

6. In winter, it is really, really important to keep your skin moisturised and protected from the cold, dry air. Basically, dry air = dry skin!

7. One thing I like to do in winter to keep my skin supple and looking good is to use sheet masks on my skin. Doing this helps give me a healthy glow during the winter time. 

8. My biggest skin issue in winter is congestion. Eating a healthy diet full of fruits, nuts and vegetables does wonder for my skin and helps with congestion.

9. As well as this, in our class we teach students about proper skin cleansing which can help with reducing congestion and producing longer lasting makeup.


Priscilla Walton

Priscilla Walton - Diploma of Screen and Media (Head of Faculty)

Winter beauty tip #3: Exfoliate twice a week.

Priscilla says:

In winter, it is important to try to stay out of a room that has heating on all day because this will greatly affect your skin and dehydrate.

11. If there is no way around being inside, make sure you drink plenty of fluids to counteract the drying effects of heating.

12. I like to  exfoliate twice a week, on a schedule as such Tuesday and a Saturday to keep my skin clean and remove congestion build up in winter.

13. My biggest skin issue in winter is dry skin due to heating in the work place.

14. My favourite products to use in winter are from the Dermalogica skin care range. The best thing to do is to check the products to see which product suits your skin type best.

15. In our class we teach students about the importance of a complete skin care routine which can help the students to keep their skin fresh as every day they have make-up on their faces for class. Their clients also benefit from the students’ knowledge for DIY skincare suggestions.”

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