What do you want to be when you grow up?

Now is the time to make it a reality!

Everyone asks a child what they want to be when they grow up, and the answer will change as they get older. But now that you’re grown up, do you know the answer to that question?

Choosing a career is extremely difficult and ever-changing. What you think you want to do might turn out to be wrong for you. Or you may start your career in one direction, only to veer off to another pathway later down the track. And this is all okay because we all know that life is a learning process.

If you do know what career path you want to follow, here are some course options to help you get started:


Make-Up Courses

If you have a passion for make-up and enjoy the creativity of this art form, a make-up course could be for you. How does the thought of applying make-up backstage at a busy fashion show sound? Or being behind the scenes of a movie, applying the finishing touches to the actors on set? TrainSmart’s Diploma of Screen and Media Course can be your next step to propel your passion for make-up into the exciting world of television, screen and arts.


Allied Health Courses

It takes a special kind of person to work in Allied Health, and it’s a career that is rewarding on many levels. The TrainSmart Health and Community Services Courses are nationally recognised and would suit those who want to gain specialised skills in assisting people who are vulnerable and need extra support. Your qualifications will lead to a variety of roles in the Health and Community Services sector, and you will enjoy the satisfaction of making a real difference in people’s lives.


Beauty Therapy Courses

Beauty Therapy is a growing industry that offers many exciting career options. There are also plenty of opportunities to start your own business within this industry and enjoy added flexibility in your working life.

If you love making people look and feel amazing, a beauty therapy course like our diploma of beauty therapy is for you. At TrainSmart Australia you’ll learn a broad range of beauty treatments and services while working alongside highly experienced and talented beauty therapy trainers.


Business and Management Courses

If you have an idea that you’re sure you could turn into a business, and you know you have the passion and the ambition to make it a success, having Business Management skills and qualifications is a must!

 TrainSmart offers a broad range of online business courses to equip you for the corporate world or your next entrepreneurial endeavour. Business and Management courses focus on teaching you essential knowledge and practical skills to help you thrive in your next workplace.


Information and Technology Courses

Information and Technology professionals will always be in high demand. The IT landscape is ever-changing and workplaces depend on those who can keep up with technology and share their knowledge and expertise.

With a TrainSmart IT course, you will learn the in-demand skills to get you started. Learning alongside experienced IT Trainers, TrainSmart Australia will equip you with the essentials to fast-track your career into the world of Information and Communication Technology.

With so many industries and so many roles, it’s easy to be confused about what is the correct pathway for you. Speak to one of our career advisors to find out more about our courses and about what direction suits you.


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