What is a Community Services course? Is it a good career?

Life in Community Services is great for people who love variety, challenge, and working with people. No matter where you end up, there are 2 things (at least) that every Community Services career promises:

  1. Everything you do is to help other people, improve their lives, and benefit the wider community
  2. Every day is different from the day before

What is a Community Services course?

Getting your career started means first completing a Community Services course – a good challenge, but certainly nothing you can’t achieve!

Our Certificate III in Community Services and our Diploma of Community Services gives you a great foundation to start your career. You’ll learn things like:

  • What it’s like to work in health services
  • How to identify personal and community issues
  • Basics of grief support
  • Leading a group support program
  • How to help people through a crisis

From there, you can start to think about where to take your career – and there are loads of options.

What kind of job can I do with a Community Services qualification?

First think about where you want to work and who you want to work with. Ask yourself some questions:

  • Do I want to work one-on-one, in a group setting, or in a team?
  • Do I prefer working in an office, in the community, or a mixture?
  • Where do I see myself in 5 years?
  • Would I prefer managing a team, or delivering support services?
  • Do I want to work with young people, at-risk adults, older people, or groups requiring mental health support?
  • Is regional work for me, or am I a city slicker?

No matter how you answered, there’s a Community Services career suited to you. If you’re not sure which area is right, then a Certificate III in Community Services can open countless pathways.

The 6-month course gives you an intro to the field, and a foot in the door to find out where you might want to head. Read more about it here.

Otherwise, you’re welcome to check out our 12-month specialty  courses which take you more in depth into your chosen area. See the full list here.

What are my career prospects in Community Services?

In a word? Great! Whether you choose community work, peer support, aged care, youth work, counselling, mental health or any other specialty, Australia needs more Community Services professionals.

And the best part about a nationally recognised Community Services course from TrainSmart Australia? You can go anywhere you want with it – Perth, regional WA, over east or even internationally.

Want to learn more? Request the course information today and get started on an exciting career move.

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