What is business administration?

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Business administration is a broad field of study that covers all aspects of managing a business. It can be applied across many industries, including:

  • Finance/economics
  • Human resources
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Information systems
  • Food service management
  • Office management
  • Healthcare administration

One of the fundamental purposes of business administration is to oversee an organisation’s daily operations to ensure the organisation is running as smoothly, efficiently and profitably as possible. (Source: https://www.elearners.com/online-degrees/business/administration-management/what-is-business-administration/).

Some of the day-to-day tasks involved in business administration can include:

  • Helping to develop and execute organisational goals, policies and procedures
  • Managing and analysing the operational activities of a business
  • Managing a company’s finances and budget
  • Recruiting and/or managing departments and staff within an organisation
  • Identifying opportunities for reducing company costs and improving company performance


What do you need to become a successful business administrator?

Some of the essential skills you need to be a successful business administrator include:

It’s important to remember that to be a successful leader within a business, you also need to be approachable, adaptable, able to stay calm under pressure, and remain accountable and responsible for not only your own actions, but also for those of your employees.


Business administration courses at TAFE

There are a range of business administration courses you can enroll in at TAFE, depending on the level at which you want to study and your areas of interest.

An online Diploma of Business Administration course at TAFE, for example, costs around $6,440 in full fees.

The course is VET Student Loan (VSL)-approved, which means you could be eligible for government funding towards the course.


Business administration courses in Perth and Sydney

In comparison to business administration courses at TAFE, TrainSmart Australia offers an online Diploma of Business Administration course for around $5,000.

The course covers a similar range of essential skills in business administration, including:

  • Operational management
  • Managing self and others
  • Administration, customer service and payroll


And while you can choose to study at TrainSmart’s campuses in Perth and Sydney (this is option is especially recommended for those students who would like a direct communication with their trainers) you have the flexibility of being able to study from wherever and whenever it suits you.

The course is also VSL-approved, which means – as with business administration courses offered at TAFE – you could be eligible for government funding towards the course.

At the end of your Diploma of Business Administration studies with TrainSmart Australia, you’ll have a nationally-recognised qualification that will see you well-equipped to pursue a successful career as a business leader across a variety of industries.

With TrainSmart Australia’s Diploma of Business Administration, you’ll have the opportunity to:


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