What jobs can I apply for after completing my Diploma of Information Technology?

While figuring out what you want to do in life is rarely an easy decision to make, anyone considering a future in computer science can rest assured that employment is pretty much guaranteed.

Not only is the tech industry expanding rapidly year-on-year, but the sheer scope of career paths that a Diploma of Information Technology prepares you for is astounding.

If you’ve asked yourself whether IT is a good career?, you should be aware of how many job opportunities become available to you once you acquire a Diploma of Information Technology.

To give you an idea of just a few of the avenues you could explore with your newly acquired IT Diploma, here are some common job roles for newly qualified IT professionals:



Software Developer


From design and analysis to more intricate development processes, a software developer essentially guides clients on appropriate upgrades and new applications that will enhance the user experience and streamline digital processes within a business.

From corporate to gaming and beyond, the sky’s the limit in regards to what a career in software development could see you doing on a day-to-day basis.


Computer Systems Analyst


Fancy yourself a troubleshooter? You might find that a career in computer systems analysis is the ideal pursuit for you. It essentially involves evaluating a client’s computer systems and telling them what you find in regards to weaknesses, bugs, inefficiencies and issues that need resolving… then, you resolve them! For free, of course…

Think of the job as a sort of digital mechanic.



Web Developer


Quite literally, a web developer develops online software for the web. This requires a solid knowledge of programming languages and the various operating systems that different businesses use (all of which a Diploma of Information Technology will equip you with).

You can rest assured that the demand for web development services is not going away anytime soon, unless some kind of apocalypse sends us all back to the analogue age…


Mobile App Developer


Needless to say, a mobile app developer does what a web developer does… but for mobile device applications. From Instagram, Uber and Airbnb to Duolingo and Angry Birds; all of these massively influential apps were created, packaged and continue to be maintained by mobile app developers.

Again, people are not going to stop dreaming up revolutionary new app ideas any time soon, which means that your skills as a mobile app developer will always be in high demand.


Database Administrator


Don’t be put off by the job title – it’s more exciting than it sounds!

For every business with a digital database, there is an abundance of hackers trying to steal information for malicious purposes. As a database administrator, you can consider yourself the soldier at the gates; protecting the database from unauthorised persons.

Of course, there is also the risk of old, corruptible programming and other digital deterioration that can occur. A database administrator’s job is to keep the system running as smoothly and efficiently as possible, from storage to operations and security.

As you can see, due to the range of positions that are available with professional level IT skills, you can relax knowing that there is the security of a guaranteed future job in the I.T. Industry.

Which career path best suits you?

Of course, this list barely scratches the surface of the lucrative opportunities that await any aspiring IT professional. From market research analysts and user-experience researchers to IT consultants and even technical writers; there is no shortage of career paths available to IT graduates.

Consider your Diploma of Information Technology the “golden ticket” that gains you access to a whole host of exciting opportunities. A golden ticket that only takes 12 months to attain online, with rolling enrolment for all-year round commencement…

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