What kind of career can your Diploma of Youth Work open up?

Are you searching for a career path that throws something different your way every day, while you get out in the community and genuinely help people? Then it’s worth looking into youth work.

It’s hard to sum up a youth work career in one or two sentences. There are so many things you can do:

  • Help young people solve social, emotional and domestic problems
  • Work in regional and remote communities
  • Create and run workshops and programs
  • Coordinate a team of youth workers and volunteers
  • Build confidence and capability in at-risk young people
  • Become a leader in the community

There’s a reason our Diploma of Youth Work is one of the most popular Health and Community Services courses we offer. The Diploma opens so many doors into a career that’s diverse, fun and fulfilling.

What are my career options after a Diploma of Youth Work?

Case Manager

Working one-on-one with young people (and their families), you will offer guidance and support for young people in the community.

Youth Services Coordinator

After a little while in Health and Community Services you’ll have the confidence and skills to manage a team of case managers or outreach officers. Plus you’ll be responsible for designing and implementing services and tracking how the programs are going.

Youth Centre Manager

If you’ve ever been to a youth centre, you can imagine how fun it would be if it was your daily life. Coming up with fun activities for the community, forging relationships, building a team and working with young people every day to create a safe and supportive space.

Youth Engagement Officer

Also called an Outreach Officer, you’ll be the first point of contact for young people in the community. There are loads of opportunities to work in regional and remote communities, as well as closer to home in the city or suburban youth centres.

Team Leader

Coordinating a team of Outreach Officers and working closely with Youth Services Coordinators to manage and deliver on-the-ground youth engagement programs.

Policy Advisor

Use your Diploma of Youth Work and hands-on experience to advise on government policy, not-for-profit programs, corporate and regional investment and more.

Picture yourself a few years from now. Do you see yourself managing a team? Working one-on-one with people at risk? Solving problems? Coordinating large-scale services? Whatever ‘future you’ looks like, the first step to a career spent helping young people achieve their full potential is a Diploma of Youth Work online or in person.

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