What’s hot in the world of beauty: All the latest make-up trends

From brashly bold to classically chic, and everything in between, the latest make-up trends sweeping the beauty world are a sight to behold.

Experimental make-up looks are being pushed to stunning extremes (no doubt a result of lockdown-induced boredom) while eternally elegant styles are making a comeback, with a modern update.

The latest make-up trends for 2020

Bright Eyeshadow

1.    Exaggerated eyeshadow

Neon is breathing new life into last year’s bright eyeshadow trend. Try a touch of neon eyeshadow in the corners to add a pop of colour, or go all-out by contrasting vibrant pastel colours. Oranges, pinks, blues and yellows are a great place to start.

Biodegradable Glitter | Make-Up Trends

2.    All that glitters and glosses

The make-up glitterati has spoken: glitter is still very much on-brand for runway fashion shows and celeb stylists, so why not for you as well? Seek out biodegradable glitter, for a bold special occasion look that won’t compromise your social conscience.

What's hot in the world of beauty: All the latest make-up trends

3.    Floating eyeliner

Bold, but delicate, this latest make-up trend uses products you already have for an innovative style. Go above your eye line with an extended cat-eye using liquid liner, or reach for a bright colour and try something new.

Bold Eyebrows

4.    Bold and beautiful brows

Beautifully shaped brows do wonders for your face. While not a make-up trend per se, eyebrow shaping, tinting and cosmetic tattooing is gaining popularity as a beauty therapy treatment. Now that beauty salons are open again, why not treat yourself to a touch-up?

Watercolour Eyes

5.    Wonderful watercolour

Inspired by a softer approach to colourful make-up, watercolours create a truly artistic – almost graphic – look around the eyes. Think smoky eyes, but with an unmissable splash of colour. The perfect way to pair your outfit to your make-up.


6.    Blush: There’s no such thing as too much

You can be forgiven for thinking blush is just for your cheeks. No, this year’s make-up trend is pushing the boundaries of blush with a sweeping over-the-eye application. Don’t be afraid to use a brighter pink blush for a dramatic look when you’re feeling bold.

Classic makeup

7.    Crushing on the classics

It’s not all about experimental make-up this year. Timeless styling is still very much in the look book, featuring red lipstick, perfectly blended make-up and naturally shaped eyebrows. Plus, a more conscious approach to consuming is leading many beauty influencers to champion a less-is-more approach.

The latest make-up trends for 2020 are, in a word, playful. So go ahead: dig through your make-up bag and try something new. You never know what kind of trend you might spark.

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