Working in Aged Care During Lockdown

Why we’re high-fiving aged care staff when this is all over

Aged care is a super rewarding job, but it’s no secret that it’s also hard work. As aged care homes are in lockdown to protect the health of our older population, the challenge is ramping up. And frontline staff are responding with incredible bravery and compassion.

Our Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing) and Certificate IV in Ageing Support courses are among our most popular – especially with caring, empathetic people. Let’s look at how stricter protection measures are affecting aged care workers.

What it’s like in lockdown

Confusion requires compassion

Some aged care residents are taking coronavirus lockdowns in stride. But for others, the sudden change is confusing. Why can’t their families visit? What happened to the social activities? What’s with the disruption to the daily schedule?

Aged care workers are getting creative with socialising, like facilitating family video calls and spending more quality time with residents doing it tough.

Anxiety riding high

You can’t help but feel close to the residents in an aged care home when you spend a good part of your week looking after them, chatting, and getting to know their stories. So with the threat of coronavirus seemingly always looming, there are (understandably) a lot of aged care nurses feeling anxious.

This is where peer support and empathy from other staff are absolutely critical – two of the many skills you’ll learn in a Certificate III in Individual Support or Certificate IV in Ageing Support course.

Help is on the way

Thankfully, our frontline carers aren’t being left to languish. The Government announced measures to ease the burden on workers (and residents) in aged care facilities:

Plus, the health care sector is receiving additional funding to employ hundreds, if not thousands of carers. But is it enough?

Why we need more aged care workers (and soon)

Australia’s ageing support industry is understaffed. Workers are stretched pretty thin, but they keep going because they love what they do. They love the feeling of helping someone, making their day a little easier, or being a companion and confidant.

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