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Working with people with alcohol and other drug problems

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Alcohol and other drugs are major causes of preventable diseases and illnesses in Australia.

According to a recent report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), there is a strong link between problematic alcohol and other drug use and experiences of homelessness in Australia.

Young people are especially vulnerable when it comes to alcohol and other drugs problems – as their brains are still developing, they are more at risk of permanent damage. Binge drinking is most common among young people, with those aged 18-24 more likely to consume significantly more alcohol than people in other age groups. Young people are also more likely to be victims of alcohol-related incidents, with those aged 20-24 most likely to experience verbal or physical abuse as a result of an alcohol-related incident.

The impacts of alcohol and other drug problems on individuals, families, and communities are immense – with health, social and financial implications. Working with people with alcohol and other drugs problems is an important role in today’s society. Equipped with the specific skills and expertise you need, you can play a vital part in transforming the lives of these individuals and their families, and in contributing to a healthier community.


Courses for alcohol and other drug problems

Working with those with alcohol and other drug problems, you’ll not only make a real difference to people’s lives and your community, you’ll also enjoy a rewarding career. The first step is to get the right qualification.

Trainsmart Australia offers an online diploma course in  alcohol and other drugs that can be studied flexibly and is nationally-recognised.

The course will ensure you have the knowledge and skills to communicate effectively with those with alcohol and other drugs problems, and to assess their needs and develop programs to help them break the dependency cycle.

The course covers areas including how to promote better health, rehabilitation, and counselling for those who have long-term addictions, encouraging them to make better life choices.

Once you’ve successfully completed the course, you’ll be qualified to work in a range of roles such as counsellor, case manager or support worker for those with alcohol and other drugs problems.


Get started

You can contact TrainSmart Australia’s student advisors for more information about the course and easily apply online.

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