You CAN land your dream job!

Steps to getting the career you have always wanted! 

Landing your dream job is possible – but it does take some work.

Careers these days are varied and can be individually tailored, and employers are more flexible than ever. It’s a great time to be starting a career in your chosen field, and your dream job could be closer than you thought.

Here are a few steps to take for you to land your dream job:

Work out what your dream job is:

This is easier said than done, as there are so many different industries, and each with a variety of roles within them. Deciding what your dream job is will start on what industry you want to be in; and from there, you can decide further on what role within that industry best suits you.

Making this important decision all comes down to two things: your own passions, and research. Decide what you truly want to do – and what you don’t want to do. Then go online and research different roles, and discover what areas each role is responsible for. If you can, speak to people who work in your chosen field and role, and get a better idea of whether this is the dream job for you.


Look at the requirements

Once you have decided on your dream job, you need to work out how to get it! Generally, you will need a qualification. Getting employed will require either qualifications and/or experience; and when starting out in your career, your experience will be limited. Look at what qualifications are required for your dream job, and take the necessary steps to achieve them.


Find the right course and educator for you

Qualifications through education are the most effective way to land your dream job. By now you know what qualifications you need, and the next step is to select your course, and choose your education provider. If it’s a short course you need, there are many providers that offer on-campus or online courses. If it’s a tertiary degree, you will need to apply to a university. A great idea is to speak to a career advisor at an educational institution as they will have comprehensive information that will be able to help guide you.


Get some experience

Having experience in your field will set you above other candidates when going for a job. One of the best ways to gain experience is by volunteering while you study. Many employers will take interns or people on work experience, and the workplace experience will be invaluable to you. Take the time to speak to employers in your field and ask if you can do a professional placement either as part of your course or just to gain experience.


Build your CV

Now that you are qualified and have some experience in your chosen field, it’s time to promote yourself to potential employers. Build your online profile via LinkedIn, and perhaps use a professional resume writer to put together your CV for you. Keep up to date with what is happening in your chosen field by following prospective companies on social media, and be ready to approach companies for work if something comes up. Register and have a profile on SEEK so that you are sent prospective jobs to apply for. And don’t be afraid to make phone calls and speak to people – often landing your dream job comes down to who you know; or being in the right place at the right time. You need to do what you can to network, and make sure you stand out from other candidates who might also be applying for your dream job.


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