Your dream role in Health or Community Services is waiting

But how do you know where to find it?

If you have chosen a career in the Health or Community Services sector, you will be the type of person who truly wants to make a difference.

Working within these important industries allow for extremely rewarding careers. Your work will see you develop life-long human skills and knowledge, utilise your empathy and patience, and make a positive contribution to the community.

Most Health and Community Services industry roles will require study and certification; and once you have your qualification, you then have to make a choice on which direction you would like to go in your work.

Community Service and Health Workers have the ability to work in either not-for-profit, government or private sectors. Each sector comes with its own perks and benefits, so you can take your pick on which will give you the most job satisfaction.

Roles Within Not For Profit organisations

Not-for-profit organisations work to benefit their cause and the wider community and are staffed by professionals who are passionate about their work. Taking on a role within an Australian charity, not-for-profit organisation or social enterprise means you have the opportunity to create a lasting impact.

Not-for-profit roles are diverse and challenging, and many employees acknowledge they feel they have more of a purpose working within a not-for-profit organisation as they can see the results of their efforts. This results in a highly rewarding career.

If you are looking for a role within a not for profit organisation, take a look at Ethicaljobs.com.au This organisation supports more than 5,000 organisations and posts over 27,000 jobs annually.

Government roles

Health and community services are Australia’s second-largest employing industry and deliver a range of medical, residential and social assistance services across metropolitan and regional Australia. There is a diverse range of occupations in areas such as child care, aged care, primary care, mental health and disability.

Most government jobs offer a range of benefits including competitive salaries and superannuation, flexible working arrangements, a safe working environment, and learning and development opportunities. Government Health and Community Services roles will be advertised on seek.com.au.

Employment Within the Private sector

Private practice is becoming more popular as a long-term career option for those working in Health and Community Services. It offers greater control and flexibility in hours and the opportunity to apply your own approaches to treatment. Often these roles can be financially more rewarding too, however, this can mean the roles are more in demand and competitive. A good start to find these roles is to register with seek.com.au.

Studying Health and Community Services

The healthcare industry is large and fast-growing, and the demand for jobs is extremely high. Once you’ve finished studying your health and community services course, start by registering with different websites that offer relevant jobs, and always keep your resume and cover letter up to date.

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