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Am I eligible for government-subsidised courses in WA?

Whether you’re looking to further develop your existing skills, or embark on an exciting new career journey, it’s a big step to decide to take on a study program.

But before you dive into your chosen course, one of the inevitable factors you need to consider is the financial cost. With seemingly ever-rising living costs, it’s important to feel comfortable and secure that your chosen course is affordable, so that you can spend more time focussing on your studies and less time worrying about your bank account balance.

If you’re living in WA and looking to study, you might just be in luck. Under the Jobs & Skills WA program, you could be eligible for a guaranteed place in any of a range of government-subsidised courses.


Government-funded training in Western Australia

The Jobs & Skills WA program is an initiative that was introduced by the Western Australia State Government’s Department of Training and Workforce Development to focus on investing in training courses that will help students to take up jobs that are, or will be, in high demand.

By focussing on courses that provide the training students need to take up high-demand jobs, students have a much better opportunity at securing a job once they’ve completed their studies.


Am I eligible under the Jobs & Skills WA program?

To be eligible to study government-subsidised courses in WA under the Jobs & Skills WA program, you need to:

  • Have completed school
  • Be a resident of WA (or WA needs to be your primary residence)

You also need to:

  • Be an Australian citizen; or
  • A permanent visa holder or holder of visa subclass 309, 820 or 826; or
  • A dependent or spouse of the primary holder of a visa subclass 457.

You’ll be guaranteed a place in your chosen government-subsidised course if:

  • The course has been identified as a State priority course;
  • You study the course through a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and they have places available; and
  • You meet the entry requirements for the course.


Which government-subsidised courses can I study in WA?

Under the Jobs & Skills WA program, there are a range of government-subsided courses available for you to study in WA.

As an approved training provider under the Jobs & Skills WA program as well as an RTO with the Australian Government’s Australian Skills Quality Authority, TrainSmart Australia offers not only government-subsidised courses in WA, but also courses that are quality-assured, nationally-recognised, and allow you access to a range of support services.

If you’re eligible to study under the Jobs & Skills WA program, you can choose from these government-subsidised courses available through TrainSmart Australia:

As an approved RTO, TrainSmart Australia also offers a range of support services to students studying courses that are part of the WA State Government’s Participation program and Priority Industry Training program. These services include mentoring, counselling, language and literacy support.

The courses you can study through TrainSmart Australia while gaining access to these support services include:

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