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How many job titles exist? To be precise 1,166

At TrainSmart Australia, we aim to help people find meaningful careers through our high quality training and nationally recognised Certificate and Diploma courses. With 5 faculties, more than 30 courses, and a team of over 45 staff, you can study your course online or on-campus with confidence, knowing TrainSmart Australia's team of expert trainers and student support staff will be with you every step of the way.

How many job titles exist?

Would anyone like to hazard a guess as to how many different job titles there are in Australia?  Well according to the website CareerPlanner.com there are about 1,166 but new ones spring up all the time while some of the more traditional careers are dying because of advances in automation and technology.

It’s a tough choice deciding what career path you’d like to follow.  It’s going to affect your whole life, and as a young person or teenager, it can be quite daunting to make that choice.

TrainSmart Australia will have a presence at the Careers Expo being held at the Perth Convention Centre between May the 12th and 15th 2016.  Our Career Advisers will be there to help guide you in this important decision-making process.

We will look carefully at your background and your skillset, your hobbies, passions in life and your personality, to discover a suitable job or career. We will then decide what course would help you to achieve that dream role.

As the economy flattens, there are more people chasing fewer jobs, so you need build on your skills and qualifications.  This means you will stand out from the crowd when applying for roles. So here’s a quick checklist for you when making career choices:

  • Think about a job which excites and energises you
  • Do something that you think you will enjoy
  • Speak to other people to get some ideas about choices ahead of you
  • Consider where your possible chosen career path may take you in ten or twenty years
  • Will your chosen role give you the financial stability you require

So remember if you’d like some advice and guidance, speak to us,  we will be happy to talk to you and discuss your options.

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