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One lifetime – six career changes?

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One lifetime – six career changes?

Research has shown that the average Australian has as many as six different careers in a lifetime. Yes that’s correct, not six different jobs but six different career paths.

That’s a far cry from thirty years ago when people tended to have one job and one career for a lifetime. They felt motivated to stay with their employer for far longer.

While my Father’s generation wanted to start work, gain some sort of stability within their career and ‘settle down’ to provide for a family, that doesn’t appear the priority for today’s young workers.

While some argue that maybe a change in career path can be deemed as a change in job role or title, there’s no doubt about it, people are switching roles more frequently.

Once upon a time, staying in a role for a short amount of time carried a huge stigma but now people don’t feel morally obliged to ‘stick it out’ for so long.

So why’s that the case? One answer could be the rise in social media and networking where we are more motivated to find out about different careers and jobs and we like to connect with people in that industry.

Many people are not prepared to stay in one career because there is no longer loyalty between employer and employee because staff benefits have eroded away.

Now there are so many ways to train and study, it is far easier for adults to retrain for a new career path while holding down a job or bringing up a family.

Here at TrainSmart Australia we offer a career advice and variety of different diplomas which are approved and accredited by the Australian Government and industry professionals.

We can also offer VET STUDENT LOANS,  so there is nothing to stop you from studying now and paying later. We have a variety of courses from Beauty to Business, IT and beyond. Call us today to find out more.

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