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Laughing child and smiling mumSo ladies when is the best time to think about retraining or up-skilling? Well in my humble opinion, I think many people start to re-think their career paths, job opportunities, and re-training while they are either pregnant or have toddler aged children. TrainSmart Australia recently exhibited at the Pregnancy, Babies and Children’s Expo in Perth and I had the opportunity to talk to a lot of mums about whether or not they’d be going back to work or staying home with the children. It seems many are undecided. Some mothers didn’t want to go back to full-time working but weren’t sure if part time opportunities were available by their employer. There were also those who wanted to spend time with their newborn children. New and pregnant mothers I met were very enthusiastic about the options of retraining or studying a diploma while on maternity leave or at home with young toddlers. It seems they’re not alone. Research has shown that one-third (29%) of mums leave their job during pregnancy or soon after the birth of their child. Many of these then turn to studying as they see it as a good way to enhance their skills for later employment. Their future managers will value the commitment and knowledge they have acquired while studying with young children. Mothers appreciate they will be able to spend time with their children and can undertake some online studying while the children are taking naps or at day care. In some cases, mums think about re-training in either a Diploma of Business or Diploma of Business Administration so they can set themselves up as an entrepreneur or small business owner. Starting your own business can be the answer to your work and family balance. All it takes is a great idea. It requires patience and determination but the rewards can be immense and it offers you the opportunity to work part-time and from home. TrainSmart Australia has a variety of flexible online training courses which are all approved and accredited by both the government and industry professionals. We have courses for everyone from Business and IT to Marketing and Accounting. We also offer a Diploma of Beauty Therapy and are one of the few RTO’s in Australia which has its own beauty salon – ‘The Milano Beauty Studio’ where students can practise the skills learned on paying clients. We also offer VET STUDENT LOANS which means no upfront costs to Australian citizens. It means there’s never a better time to start retraining. So call us today on 1300 855 517 to find out more.    


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