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Which career makes you the happiest?

Want to know who enjoys their job the most? Well, recent research has shown that it is not always those who earn the most who have the most fulfilling, satisfying and happiest jobs. The newspaper Guardian Australia analysed various surveys which were looking at occupations that make people happy. They then did their own survey of these surveys looking for the professions that appeared most regularly. Here is the top six on their list. At the top are Engineers. They like their jobs because they feel productive and enjoy coming up with designs which solve problems. Many also like the freedom they have within the engineering sector and the challenges that exist within their role. Second place is awarded to Teachers. Teachers claim their job keeps them young and watching children make inroads in their education and learning is extremely satisfying. Young people have boundless energy too, they want to learn and have enthusiasm for life and enjoy being taught new subjects. Third on the list are Nurses because of the impact they may have on an individual’s life. They feel as they are really contributing to someone’s health and well-being when they see a patient transform and blossom to better health. Fourth is Medical Practitioners. Similar to Nurses they see personal satisfaction in their role by improving the quality of the life of others. Their varied workload, seeing different patients and being appreciated for the work they do makes this role a very happy one. Fifth are Gardeners. Not exactly a well-paid job, but research showed that people enjoy this job because of the freedom which comes with it. Many enjoy the out of doors and working with nature and the changing seasons. Gardening can be therapeutic and relaxing and changes with the seasons. The sixth happiest are Construction Workers. Their happiness comes from working in the fresh air with a wide range of skilled people. Many in this profession say they enjoy creating something from scratch and handing over the finished building or construction project as extremely rewarding.


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