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10 Impressions of Counselling with Diploma Trainer, John Rich

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John Rich

John Rich

John Rich is our Diploma of Counselling trainer here at TrainSmart Australia. Coming to us with 10 years industry experience, John has spent his career working with people who have experienced trauma, and now shares his extensive knowledge with his Diploma of Counselling students at TrainSmart Australia. On the blog today, John shares his thoughts on counselling.

So, maybe not in this order of importance, 10 ‘facts’ or impressions of counselling:

  1. ‘You’ are the instrument, your humble/illustrious personality is the medium, the instrument of change. People connect with you, so each day, hour, you offer, engage your personality to help someone relax, to support:

  2. The client to take a chance to heal themselves – the counsellor can’t, the person is best placed to understand their path forward, the counsellor ‘heals’ by accepting and affirming the person, their client. 

  3. People trust you and share their deepest shame and trauma, this is a very special, sacred space. You see their darkest moments, and…

  4. You see their greatest achievements, because YES, they have survived.
  5. You show them their journey through shame and trauma is most likely their most difficult moment, has built their character, and will and should inform the rest of their life – maybe their greatest triumph. 

  6. You learn and share in each session the gift of philosophy (what is the meaning of life) and psychology (how people think) with people, simultaneously re-affirming your own journey and values.

  7. You grieve and laugh with your clients. 

  8. Learn about yourself every day, and enrich your own relationships with family and loved ones.

  9. Explore and challenge new parts of your personality. 

  10. Get paid to do it!

Ready to learn more?

If you liked this blog post, you'll love our courses.

Ready to learn more?

If you liked this blog post, you'll love our courses.

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