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As more and more people in today’s society are reliant on support for their aged loved ones because of their hectic schedules, the need for aged care workers is steadily on the rise. Here are 6 benefits of working in Aged Care:   1. Strong employment opportunities The Australian Government predicts “very strong” future job growth for Aged Carers over the next 5 years, which means your chances at finding a job as an Aged Care worker are high. To qualify to work as an Aged Care worker though, you’ll usually first need a Certificate II or III as a minimum, or at least one year’s experience. About 3 in 5 Aged Care workers have a VET qualification (source: Job Outlook).   2. Help to improve lives for the better It can be a lonely and isolating experience as an elderly person without family, friends, or other support networks to look out for you and be there for you when you need help or support. Working as an Aged Care worker will mean that you’ll not only be providing the emotional, mental and physical support an elderly person may need, but you’ll also be helping to greatly improve their lives and wellbeing for the better.   3. Build your confidence and communication skills Working with the elderly requires a great deal of confidence and communication skills, as you work with them one-on-one to understand their individual needs and provide them with the support they need. That means as an Aged Care worker, you’ll be boosting both your self-confidence and communication skills on a daily basis.   4. Establish strong relationships As an Aged Care worker, you’ll be working on a one-to-one basis with individuals with a wealth of life experiences and from a variety of diverse backgrounds. That means you’ll not only expand your knowledge and perspectives, but you’ll also develop meaningful relationships that will continue to grow and strengthen as you work more regularly and closely together.   5. Choose from a variety of roles As a qualified Aged Care worker, you can work in a variety of rewarding roles, including:
  • Personal care worker
  • Respite worker
  • Community care worker
 6. Enjoy a rewarding career One of the responses you often hear when asking someone about their job is: “It’s just a job”. When your job involves working to improve the lives of others and to make a positive difference on a daily basis though, it’s almost impossible to think of it as merely “just a job”. Rather, a career in Aged Care is a meaningful career that’s rewarding on many levels. TrainSmart Australia offers the  CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support course that’s nationally-recognised and Jobs and Skills WA funded, and will enable you to work in person-centred care in residential aged care facilities, nursing homes, community-based organisations, and hospitals.


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